There are two mythical creatures, frequently dismissed as folklore myths by the MSM. One of them is the Chupacabra. As far as I can tell the initial sighting of a Chupacabra took place in Puerto Rico in 1995. Some 150 farm animals were attacked and eye witness accounts talked about a creature with a reptilian body, oval head, bulging red eyes, fanged teeth and long darting tongue. I suspect some form of alcohol was involved, but not sure what kind. The farm animals were found to be drained of blood, apparently from puncture wounds, but no meat was taken. Mexico has another version of the Chupacabra which is frequently described as a weird hairless version of a wild dog. This is not necessarily new; there are reports in Mayan mythology of similar creatures.

There are, of course, no videos or pictures and no examples of a living or dead Chupacabra to examine. I personally suspect if one is found it will be in a mass grave next to Big Foot and the Loch Ness monster. However, real or not, something definitely raised havoc with all that livestock.

The Chalupa, on the other hand, although equally ignored by the MSM, is actually very real. It is a person, named Alexandra Chalupa who is suspected of being a DNC activist dispatched to the Ukraine to dig up dirt on Donald Trump during the 2016 election. While the MSM immediately dismisses Chalupa sightings as existing only in the deluded mind of Vladimir Putin, there appears to be some inconvenient evidence to the contrary. We know that Senators Graham, Grassley and Johnson believe that because they just announced they are seeking “staff-led transcribed interviews” regarding meetings Chalupa had with Ukrainian officials at the Ukraine embassy.

Chuck Schumer predictably became unhinged and blamed everything on, you guessed it, Vladimir Putin.

Schumer: When Vladimir Putin says stoop, Senate Republicans are asking: how low? Putin..couldn’t have cooked up a more useful tool for spreading conjured and baseless conspiracy theories than the one Chairmen Graham, Grassley and Johnson announced today.

Schumer: Every day that Senate Republicans parrot Putin’s talking points further undermines our democracy— & our national security—& raises questions about why the Republican majority in the Senate continues to block legislation to better secure our elections from Putin’s assault

I can verify that there is at least one real Chalupa, the “Chalupa Supreme.” You can check one out yourself at any Taco Bell.


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