Wild World of Sports used to have the famous “Thrill of Victory and Agony of Defeat” intro. Most of us don’t remember the victory celebrations but a lot of us can sure remember that ski jumper missing the end of the jump.  Here is a link to the YouTube of this intro:

In a close game, the issue may be in doubt for the entire came. This is why some of the greatest victories and the worst defeats happen in a very short period of time. For every last minute comeback, there is a team in agony on the other sideline. But there are also cases where the defeat is so obvious and so devastating that fans start leaving before the game is over. We saw that Sunday when even Jerry Jones left the Dallas Cowboy’s game before the final whistle. It was beyond obvious that the Bills were going to win. There were later reports of players in the Cowboy’s locker room screaming at each other.

Democrats in congress are trying to score a last minute victory over Donald Trump and they are running out of time. In an act of absolute desperation, they are trying to jam an impeachment hearing through the House Judiciary Committee before the end of the year. Good luck with that.

The House will go into recess next Thursday, December 12, 2019. This means Nadler has exactly 9 days, including today, to get this scheduled for a vote. That will be three days after the IG report is issued and one day after the House Judiciary Committee accepts testimony from Michael Horowitz. I doubt that any sane Democrat would vote for to impeach President Donald Trump before those two events. That would risk monumental embarrassment.

If the Democrats had a brilliant chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, with several years’ experience as a former U.S. Attorney, and he or she had been investigating this case for several months, they would still have trouble getting this done before next Thursday. Instead the person in charge is Jerry Nadler. He is inheriting a file from Adam Schiff. Does anyone seriously these clowns are remotely capable of pulling this off?

The most likely result is something similar to the scene in the Dallas Cowboy’s locker room yesterday where a bunch of fed-up losers resort to screaming at each other.


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