It is increasingly clear that the attempt to impeach Donald Trump has failed. While there will still be some huffing and puffing, Democrats have blinked and are trying desperately to negotiate a surrender. Even Adam Schiff said he didn’t know if HE would vote for impeachment.

This is so over. Democrats will spend the Thanksgiving recess looking for an exit. Republicans, on the other hand, would love to see Democrats vote to impeach and then get humiliated in a Senate Trial.

CNN said that Devin Nunes met with former Ukrainian prosecutor Victor Shokin in Vienna last December. Democrats would have you believe that such a meeting would be an ethics violation.

He said he would make no public statement because of an ongoing criminal investigation. Then he dropped a bombshell, ignored by everyone:

I will win in court in, and they’ll have a chance to cooperate, and they’ll have to show how they work with somebody who has been indicted, which is likely conspiring to obstruct justice.”

Nunes knows things you do not know. What if he is right about somebody getting indicted. Perhaps Nunes knows who is about to be indicted by John Durham. He may even have been involved in helping obtaining the information needed to obtain that indictment.

CNN interpreted the alleged meeting in Vienna as Nunes digging up dirt on Biden and Democrats in Ukraine. Perhaps the significant issue here is the definition of digging up dirt. If Nunes discovered evidence of Democratic politicians committing crimes in the Ukraine and as a result people are indicted, there are better descriptions to use other than digging up dirt. Most people think digging up dirt involves things like the Russia Dossier making allegations about Trump and Russian prostitutes. Exposing bribery and corruption is a far cry from “digging up dirt.”

Democrats may have dug themselves an enormous hole. No one disputes the level of corruption in Ukraine. But some of these stories directly involve not just Joe Biden, but Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and even Obama. Some even mention John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi’s son. The MSM quickly dismisses all this as a vast right wing conspiracy, but what if they are true. What if Giuliani is telling the truth saying he has been documenting massive corruption by Democrats? Remember, Giuliani is a former U.S. Attorney who successfully took on the mob.

Do not underestimate this! It has happened before. Boss Tweed ran New York for several years. Many people knew all about the corruption, but they had no proof. Then, James Watson, a county auditor in the Comptroller’s office was kicked in the head by a horse as the result of a sleigh accident on January 21, 1871. He died a week later. The Tweed machine guarded Watson’s estate and they tried to destroy his records. They failed. Watson’s replacement was Matthew O’Rourke, who was associated with former Sheriff James O’Brien. He found those accounting records. When those accounting records were disclosed, the corruption became impossible to ignore. The Tweed machine crumbled. Tweed never recovered. He went from the most powerful politician in New York to being an inmate in the Ludlow Street Jail. He eventually flipped and agreed to testify about the inner workings of the Tweed Ring, but Governor Samuel Tilden vetoed his release and Tweed died in prison.

What if accounting records in Ukraine are now in the hands of Rudy Giuliani, John Solomon, Devin Nunes and John Durham? What if those records show rampant corruption and document massive illegal funds flowing to prominent Democrats. How desperate would Democrats be to discredit this investigation? When the truth becomes too obvious to ignore, remember to give thanks!


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