One will notice that while numerous people are slamming Rudy Giuliani, there has been little mention of John Solomon. However, in an interview given by Giuliani, he said he let Solomon take the lead on investigations in Ukraine. Well, on Monday John Solomon published an article stating that Adam Schiff confirmed his reporting on Ukraine. Here is a link to that article:

Solomon is either right, he is insane or he is flat out lying. Some in the liberal media are slamming him, but few have challenged any of his facts or documents.

The truth is going to come out, one way or the other. One of the things reported by John Solomon is that several people in the State Department, including Ambassador Yovanovitch, were blocking people from providing evidence to the U.S. He reports that the people in Ukraine did not trust our FBI operation in Ukraine. Who can blame them after what we already know about the FBI under James Comey? Imagine you are in the Ukraine. You want to give information to the U.S., but you cannot trust the State Department. You cannot trust the Ukraine office of the FBI. You can’t even get a passport to travel to the U.S. Who can you trust? Enter Rudy Giuliani. The President of the United States says you can trust Rudy. So Rudy shows up in Ukraine and turns this over to John Solomon.

Solomon appears to have a ton of documentation. He has emails, financial records etc. He got a lot of them from people associated with Giuliani. These guys do have somewhat of a murky history, but so does everyone else in Ukraine. I cannot think of a single serious prosecution of a criminal enterprise that did not require someone who had previously worked in or for that enterprise turning state’s evidence. Few of these people are candidates for sainthood. However, they do provide valuable information that allows these criminal enterprises to be shut down. No one knows this better than Giuliani, who is famous for breaking up the mob in New York.

The IG report will be released on December 9th, with testimony by Horowitz on December 11th. It is quite possible, if not likely, that John Durham will issue at least some criminal indictments before those dates. The reason is quite simple; once that report is released some of the suspects may start running for cover. That is one reason the FBI does not comment on an ongoing investigation. Many times people only learn about the indictment on the day they are arrested.

In the meantime, the John Solomon story is going to come out and the press will have to report on it. They may try to discredit him, but they cannot ignore him. The stench of corruption by Joe Biden is so overwhelming that even CNN might notice at some point.

During the recent Ukrainian news conference, some of the participants specifically asked Zelensky to fly to the U.S., meet with Trump and ask for his help in investigating crimes committed in Ukraine. Imagine if he actually did that. Note that during this press conference they specifically mentioned Hunter Biden and Burisma.

A lot of Democrats, including Obama, are trying to get rid of Biden as a candidate. He gets hammered in the press, but it doesn’t seem to matter. No matter how much he stutters and gasps, he still looks better than the rest of the class. No matter how you spin this, Biden is a big problem. Perhaps he should do some research regarding Jeffrey Epstein and take precautions. His untimely (or timely) death would be really convenient for a lot of the same people who didn’t exactly weep at Epstein’s demise. Remember all his friends who showed up for the funeral? Me neither.

This is beyond bizarre. Either the liberal left and its supporters in the MSM are hopelessly delusional, or the rest of us are oblivious to reality. So perhaps the real question is who do you trust: What you see with your lying eyes, or what Adam Schiff pretends is there?

It is hard to predict anything but I have come up with three alternatives, all bad for Democrats.

  1. Democrats drop impeachment.
  2. Democrats vote to impeach, but Trump is acquitted.
  3. Democrats vote to impeach, Trump is removed or he is forced to resign. Welcome President Mike Pence.

It seems like the third option is the worst case scenario for Democrats. It is increasingly hard to imagine this working out for them.


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