While Adam Schiff and his class of clowns were embarrassing themselves on National TV trying, and failing, to find something resembling a crime committed by Trump, their entire narrative just blew up.

It turns out that Ukrainian MP Andrly Derkach held a news conference, reminding people that the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) had indicted the former owner of Burisma, ex-Ecology Minister Zlochevsky. He complained that no one in the U.S. media bothered to report on this.

You can see the link to the news conference yourself:


“The PGO document once again confirms the data I had previously published on Burisma and international corruption. According to Zlochevsky’s suspicion notice, Biden and partners received their $16.5 million for their services to Burisma. Biden received funds not due to the successful activity of Burisma or for brilliant business decisions or recommendations. This is the money of Ukrainian citizens. The funds were obtained by criminal means. That’s what they say in the PGO,” Derkach said.

(A suspicion notice in Ukraine appears to be the equivalent of an indictment in the U.S.)

“According to the investigation, Zlochevsky was directly involved in the withdrawal of funds by the Yanukovych “family” (the Yanukovych criminal organization, according to the notice). They laundered the funds of Yanukovych through three companies in Latvia,” Derkach said.

Several websites are reporting the following quote by Derkach. I cannot confirm the accuracy of this:

President Zelensky must pick up the phone, dial Trump, ask for help and cooperation in the fight against corruption and fly to Washington.

At a minimum, this appears to fully justify a decision to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden. If true, the question may be whether Trump was asking the Ukraine to investigate Biden, or the Ukraine was asking Trump for help. All the witnesses agreed that Zelensky ran on a platform of investigating corruption. Some of the witnesses admitted, under oath, that Zelensky wanted to indict Yanukovich, but they recommended against it because it would look bad. All of them admitted that the Ukraine was notoriously corrupt. All agreed that Burisma was suspected of corruption. None of them even hinted at investigating any of this. Instead they were horrified that Trump wanted the Ukraine to investigate this. Were they trying to protect our national security or were they more interested in covering up corruption by Democrats.

This is about to go nuclear.


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