Hillary Clinton sure looks desperate to jump into the DNC race for the presidential nomination. She reportedly believes she was put here to be President of the United States. Unfortunately for her, that belief was and is not shared by nearly enough people.

Recent developments have probably ended Hillary’s political career once and for all. Ironically, the woman who only gained power in the first place because of her willingness to protect Bill, is being destroyed by him.

Two stories are a stark reminder of why Hillary would be insane to throw her hat into the ring. One is the shocking Veritas video that proves ABC knew all about Bill, Bonnie Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein during 2016. That would be during the 2016 election. You know, when Hillary was the candidate. Does anyone really think it is a total coincidence that ABC News, heavily influenced by George Stephanopoulos, would find a way to spike that story? Please!

Then we have Ronan Farrow saying Bill should be investigated regarding the alleged rape of Juanita Broaddrick. She claimed that then Governor Bill Clinton raped her in April 1978. She also believes that Hillary knew about it and did nothing. If this is investigated at all it is nothing but bad news for Hillary.

Now combine the renewed interest by the DOJ in Uranium One, the email server and interference in the 2016 election by Ukraine on behalf of Hillary Clinton and the problem becomes worse. Throw in any kind of investigation of the Clinton Foundation and you have the perfect storm.

The Bill is long past due. This should have happened long ago, but at least it is happening now. This time there is one big difference. While Hillary retains the illusion of being relevant, the Democratic Party has moved on. I have not heard anyone beg Hillary to enter the race and save the day. I have heard numerous people say her day is done. Some practically beg her to stay home. Even people who used to scream their support of her to the heavens have stopped doing that. The truth is even Democrats are just sick and tired of the Clintons. Remember the last time anyone asked Hillary her opinion about anything? Me neither.

The Clinton protective shield has been permanently breached.  At some point it either has or will become obvious to a lot of people that throwing the Clintons under the bus is a good option. They can blame all the crap that is coming out on them and pretend Obama was oblivious. Few will believe this nonsense, but as they say, any port in a storm.

The Clintons would be wise to simply fade away and try to disappear. However, no one has ever accused either Bill or Hillary of being wise.


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