Have you noticed all the recent polls showing that an astonishing number of people want Trump impeached. The MSM is convinced that there is a public tide to remove our President. This reminds me of the 2016 election. On November 1, 2016 I wrote a blog saying that if the polling data was right, Trump just might win. I almost didn’t write that, because every network, including Fox, was clearly expecting Hillary to win easily. They either expected Hillary to win big, or at best, Trump would come up just a little short.

I also wrote about this in September 2016. The same pollsters were making the same false assumptions then as they are now. It was obvious then. It is even more obvious now.

The problem then, as now, is oversampling of Democrats. The most recent Fox News Poll sampled 49% Democrats and only about 11% independents. That is absurd. No one even pretends that this is realistic. If these polls are extrapulated to use more realistic assumptions, impeachment is a big loser.

There is also something else. I also noticed this in 2016. It is even truer today. People don’t like Donald Trump because: “he insults people, demonstrates immaturity and is a self-centered narcissist.” But people not only didn’t like Hillary, they didn’t trust her.

I really think the choice today is very similar to that made in 2016:

“This election is between a spoiled brat and an adult serial offender. Donald Trump is a spoiled brat, but there is hope that at some point he might just grow up. Hillary is an adult serial offender. There is zero chance she will change. The choice is beyond pathetic but hope is a better option than insanity.”

Donald Trump has not changed, but Hillary has been replaced with far left radicals promising to destroy our most basic values. A more honest poll would show that the American people understand that. All of the DNC candidates are running on a platform that is opposed by a majority of people in both parties.

The sad truth is that the MSM wants an impeachment trial, because it will result in record ratings. Sadly, not enough of them are acknowledging the tremendous damage being done to our country. Donald Trump is very good at multi-tasking and he has not allowed this to distract him from handling business. That is fortunate, because if one of our enemies foolishly assumes that he has lost the ability to take the action necessary to protect us, we will pay a very high price indeed.

There are signs that the MSM secretly knows the polls are crap. When the MSM actually interviews people it consistently finds everyone sick and tired of this impeachment crap. Even Democrats are tired of it, because it never comes close to actually removing Trump. Republicans are furious at those who will not and cannot accept the results of a national election. The people who should be most upset are the DNC candidates, because they can’t get a word in edgewise.

The recent polls are an attempt to vault the rapidly evaporating impeaching inquiry into undeserved credibility. They are doomed to fail, because in the end, truth always outs.


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