Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff have achieved a miracle. I have been a Republican for all my life. For decades I have watched the party repeatedly seize defeat from the jaws of victory.  While Democrats always seem to be united and resolute, Republicans seldom show such resolve. They seem to always want to compromise, even when it is neither necessary nor prudent. For example Democrats are always willing to shut down the government for some unnecessary spending proposal, knowing that Republicans will always get the blame and they will always cave.

But, that has all changed, overnight, thanks to Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. The Republican Party is united, as never before, and they are outraged. Even never-Trumpers are outraged. It is like they suddenly realized that although they were not at war with Democrats, Democrats were at war with them.

Democrats are seriously trying to impeach a Republican President of the United States, for a crime they can’t define and for which they have zero evidence. Even Republicans who hate Trump will not tolerate this. Republicans are confronted with the reality that if they don’t unite and fight back to defeat this, Democrats will seize complete power with disastrous results. When all but two Democrats voted to give Adam Schiff all the powers of a special prosecutor, even the illusion of fairness is completely gone.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of this. Democrats have been routinely accusing Trump of everything from being racist or homophobic. They routinely accuse him of crimes, with no evidence. Adam Schiff has personally accused Trump of crimes on a regular basis. He never bothers to define these crimes, based on evidence only he can see. Yet Republicans have been hesitant to fight back. Few would even point out that yes, there is some pretty convincing evidence that Joe Biden is corrupt. While they are terrified of criticizing Democrats, Democrats show no restraint at all in criticizing them.

That all changed when Steve Scalise said this impeachment process was a Soviet Style investigation. Republicans not only did not back away from those comments, they stood united behind him and applauded.

I really think Democrats have made a huge mistake; they have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve. Kevin McCarthy warned Democrats that history would judge them harshly for that totally partisan impeachment vote. He said this is the moment history will write. “You’re elected to represent the people of American, not to deny their voice.

I can’t even imagine Paul Ryan giving that speech. I am not sure Kevin McCarthy would have given that speech six months ago. He was not speaking just for himself; he was speaking for uniquely unified Republican Party. A united Party that finally appears to be ready, willing and able to fight. This is the kind of change that can literally change our world. It is about time.



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