When Donald Trump was running for election, the MSM, prompted by Hillary Clinton demanded that he agree to accept the results of the election. That, of course, was when they thought they were certain to win. Then, they were shocked into dismay when Trump won. They immediately went into a state of denial and convinced themselves that Trump was not the legitimate president of the United States. Even before he was elected, there was a concerted effort to remove him from office and failing that to resist him in every way possible from governing.

Sadly, it appears that at least some of this was done with the approval if not at the direction of President Barack Obama. It is increasingly clear that the Director of the FBI and his top assistants were on a mission to remove Trump from power. That may or may not have included Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General. The Deputy Attorney General is the person who really runs the DOJ, the Attorney General is often more of a figure head.

Now we learn that this wasn’t limited to the DOJ, the CIA and the NSA. It also included the Department of State. Just this week we had the U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine admit that in testifying before congress. She felt “pressured” to follow the direction of Donald Trump. She was oblivious to the fact that she reported to Donald Trump, he is the Head of State and her opinion is irrelevant. Even if she was right, she was wrong.  If she did not feel should could accept the direction from the President of the United States, she should have resigned. The one thing she should not have done was just ignore him and try to block him.

Sadly, not one single Democrat in congress is aware of the significance of this. They are so full of hatred for Donald Trump and so convinced of their own self-righteousness that they don’t even recognize that they are a clear and present danger to our democracy.

To put this in perspective, reflect on the election of Barack Obama. If there was ever a President where one could question his personal loyalty to the United States, it was Barack Obama. He literally began his political career in the living room of William Ayers, a man who admittedly committed terrorist acts intended to overthrow the government of the United States. He was a member of a church with a pastor who said God D#mn America. None of his personal history has been documented, to this day. We do not have his college transcripts. We don’t even know if he registered for selective service. We cannot verify whether he enrolled in college as a foreign student. Although I do believe he was born in Hawaii, no one has ever produced a certified copy of his birth certificate. He went around the world criticizing his own country. I could go on, but ultimately it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that Republicans and the members of congress, who knew all this, accepted the results of the election and let him govern. They did not conspire to remove him from office. They did not launch endless investigations all aimed at impeachment. While they acted like any opposition party, they did not prevent him from passing any legislation. They just fumed and waited for the next election. In fact, Obama himself told them what to do if they didn’t like what he was doing. He challenged them to go out and win an election. Then, when they did exactly that, he, along with far too many Democrats in congress, refused to accept the results of that election.

We must stop this. Not just to protect Donald Trump, but to protect our democracy. Regardless of whether one agrees with them or not, the legitimate government of the United States is not the establishment in the military, or the CIA, or the DOJ, or the NSA, or the DNI, or the State Department, or the Treasury or any other department. They work for us; we don’t work for them. If we want laws passed, that is the responsibility of congress, not an activist judge who considers his or her personal wisdom superior to the law and the constitution. When we elect a President of the United States it is to give him or her executive authority over all the above departments. They all report to the President, not the opposite. There have been good presidents, bad presidents, mediocre presidents and great presidents. Every president has made mistakes but even a bad president is better than a government run by an unelected self-righteous and often ignorant committee.

The only good news here, is that for all his flaws, Donald Trump is the right man to fix this. He just found a bigger swamp than he imagined and draining it is going to be far more painful than anyone expected. Most men confronted with the daily assaults against him by the liberal left and the MSM would have folded. Arnold Schwarzenegger became Governor of California with a vision to fix things, but he lost faith and folded. He lacked the strength to change things, so he compromised and went along. Ultimately, he ended his term with little support from anyone.

But Donald Trump will not fold, instead he is fighting back. Believe him when he says he is not doing this for himself, he doesn’t need any of this. Trump could resign tomorrow, go back to running his business, and experience a lifestyle far superior to that of a President of the United States. But he is doing this for the country, and he is doing this for the next President of the United States. He is doing that for you, and he is doing that for me and our children and our grandchildren.  We better pray he wins, because if he doesn’t this country will become unrecognizable. If we allow the establishment to push him out of office, no future election will even matter.



  1. Terry, one of the most erudite posts you have done; thanks you and you are so right; there Meghan’s has never been such a crucial election as the one coming up…;praying mightily; My son John is confident Trump will be successful…..he feels God is in this;

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