Donald Trump is a liar. We all know that. The MSM reports this all the time. In September, the Washington Post said it had identified 22,000 lies by Trump. Wow. So many. There must be some very bad stuff here. So, I did a little research and According to MSNBC here are the biggest lies told by Trump during 2018.

We’ve gotten more done than any other administration.

Steel and automaker investments are skyrocketing.

Tariffs are making American rich.

We passed the biggest tax cut and reform in American history.

Democrats are “radical socialists” who want to turn American into Venezuela.

We pulled off an economic turnaround of historic proportions.

Obama separated children from their families at the border.

The Russia probe is witch hunt.

Republicans support protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

We’re building the wall.

And that was just 2018. According to Politifact, Trump told five big lies during just one rally in Michigan held in March 2019.

The Democratic Party has been aggressively pushing extreme late-term abortion.

Drug prices saw their first decline in 46 years.

Patients with pre-existing conditions will be protected.

We’ve created since my election 5.5 million new jobs.

The Russia witch hunt was a plan by those who lost the election to try and illegally regain power by framing innocent Americans.

Until I read this, I never understood why Democrats and the MSM were so upset. No wonder they are demanding impeachment. It is these kinds of monstrous and dangerous lies that demands liberals attack Republicans. These types of lies are why it was so important to ban Sean Spicer from Dancing with the Stars. These types of lies are why Sarah Sanders is so despised. Would someone like Elizabeth Warren ever lie? Would Hillary Clinton or Kamala Harris ever lie? Would Joe Biden ever exaggerate?

Then, I realized something important. This is like looking at one of those trick pictures. You know, where you stare at it for a minute, then close your eyes.  Suddenly you see a very different picture, like perhaps one of Christ. That picture is there, all the time, but one can be blinded to the obvious by the noise.

The real pictures is if these are the worst lies Trump ever told, he may be the most honest President ever. He is also one of the most focused. Trump has known that Democrats colluded with Ukraine during the 2016 election for a long time. That is beyond obvious, it was the Ukraine that released Paul Manafort’s black ledger, which resulted in his resignation from the Trump campaign. That ledger, by the way, has never been verified.

Rudy Giuliani undisputedly met with Paul Manafort before he started his investigation into the Ukraine. The Washington Post described this as a “quest to rewrite the history of the 2016 election.” But the Washington Examiner said Giuliani was looking for evidence that it was the DNC and the Clinton campaign that had a close connection to Ukrainian officials. Since that actually happened, this wasn’t a difficult task. According to Giuliani he only asked Manafort one question: “Is the black ledger legitimate.” Manafort told him no.

Suddenly a lot of things come into focus. Democrats are trying to impeach Trump specifically for asking Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 election. Democrats and their supporters in the MSM are treating this as the crime of the century that demands Trump’s removal from office. But they missed two things that are about to become obvious.

Trump knew that anything he said in that call to the President of the Ukraine would be leaked. So, odds are high what he said was scripted and deliberate. It certainly was enough to troll Democrats in the MSM, but he was very careful not to say anything that crossed the line. In the end, Democrats are left trying to equate asking for an investigation of an obviously guilty Joe Biden with asking Ukraine to interfere in an election.

But it did something else too. It caused the MSM to start reporting on the Ukraine and they started reporting on what Giuliani was doing in the Ukraine. They also started pontificating about the evil of asking a foreign government to interfere in our election. Trap sprung.

Giuliani was building a case to prove that the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign actually did collude with Ukraine and did interfere in the 2016 election. He says he has a lot of such evidence, so does John Solomon.

As a result, Trump’s opponents have hoisted themselves on the horns of a dilemma. If they keep preaching that asking a foreign government to interfere in an election is a serious crime, they cannot ignore what the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign did in 2016. But, if they decide this isn’t actually a crime, they expose the impeachment campaign as a total fraud. Even Van Jones realizes this, which is why he calls it a lose-lose situation.

This week we are all going for a roller coaster ride. Trump and his supporters knows what’s at the end of that ride. His opponents are in for a rocky landing.


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