A few years ago a young boy went missing at a State Fair. The police had no clues, so they asked everyone who was at the fair, with a video camera, to contact them with the video. They were soon inundated.Ultimately the video did not help, because the boy wasn’t even any of the pictures. But, the good news is that the boy was not actually kidnapped and he showed up safe later in the day.

But, that is not the end of the story. While the police were scouring those videos they were horrified at what they saw. They literally saw dozens of known dangerous sexual predators roaming around the State Fair. Prior to seeing the videos the police had no idea this was happening. The people taking those pictures were also oblivious as to who or what was in the background.

Lesson learned. At future State Fairs, undercover police officers were in position to identify and conduct surveillance on known sexual predators. They did not necessarily make any arrests, but they did make the fair safer.

One would think that known sexual predators would be smart enough to avoid places like a State Fair. But, the opportunity to find victims was obviously too strong for them to resist.

The same appears to be true with regard to Democrats and the Ukraine. The opportunity to gain money from corruption is a siren call that just may have attracted a lot of people, in addition to Hunter and Joe Biden. Don’t be surprised if a lot of them turn out to be prominent Democrats:

We already know that Joe is not the only Democratic politician in a position of power who has a son with somewhat of a checkered past. One prominent female Democratic politician literally made a video promoting Natural Gas production in the Ukraine. You may have heard of her, because Nancy Pelosi is currently the Speaker of the House trying to impeach Trump for asking the Ukraine to investigate corruption. Perhaps she was more worried about her own son than she was Hunter Biden. But no, that would be unthinkable.

Here is the text of a video produced by Paul Pelosi, Jr. As a pure coincidence, this followed the video made by Nancy Pelosi.

“My name’s Paul Pelosi. Of course I’m on the board of Viscoil. And Viscoil is here today to talk about accelerating the future. It’s about using cars in a more efficient manner. It’s about utilizing natural resources, whether it be electricity, or gas, or fossil fuels in a more efficient way. And Viscoil is a part of that solution,”

What a remarkable coincidence. Of course we understand why you’re on the board of Viscoil.

Unlike Hunter Biden, Paul Pelosi had experience beneficial to the way things were done in the Ukraine. He co-founded Natural Blue Resources, which was charged by the SEC with securities fraud in 2014. This is exactly the skill set sought by oligarchs in the Ukraine. Getting yourself booted from the Navy for drug abuse is nice, but this, well this is just outstanding!

Of course, any hint that Nancy Pelosi or her son did anything wrong or that this would in any way hint of corruption or even a shadow regarding potential conflict of interest would be unfair. It would be like assuming that just because Joe Biden threatened to cut of $1 billion in aid to the Ukraine that this was somehow connected to Burisma appointing Hunter Biden to its board at a salary of $50,000 per month.

Thank God this has already been thoroughly investigated by CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC and they found no evidence of any wrong doing. This is just must more evidence of the vast right-wing conspiracy that continues to make false and unsubstantiated charges against political opponents. Impeach, I say Impeach. Save the Country!


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