There was an interesting comment recently by Carl Bernstein. Bernstein was one of the Watergate reporters and he is virulently anti-Trump. He says that he is hearing reports that Barr has directed John Durham to investigate the origins of the Russia collusion hoax and the appointment of Robert Mueller. Jerry Nadler is hearing the same thing and said he considers this part of a “plot to dirty up the intelligence community, to pretend there’s something wrong with the beginning of the Mueller investigation and to persecute and bring into line the intelligence agencies.

Washington Examiner, Sunday September 29th, 2019. Daniel Chaitin article dated 9/26/2019.

Dan Bongino said that Democrats are terrified because “the (Democratic) Party is starting to panic as the possibility of being linked to illegal spying, as the Department of Justice inspector general prepares to release his report on the matter.” When you see people on both sides of an issue reaching the same conclusion it is time to pay attention.

This latest fiasco reeks of desperation. The person who leaked information resulting in the whistle blower complaint came very close to committing treason. There are few things more secret than the private conversations between a President and a Foreign chief of state. This secrecy was already breached in the past, when conversations between Trump and other heads of state were leaked. That is the primary reason the current practice is to store the transcripts of those conversations on a secure server with extremely limited access.

Yet, someone with access, clearly leaked details. He or she got many of them wrong, but they at least tried to leak them. We can be certain that there is a 5-alarm search for whoever leaked those details and for the CIA agent that filed the whistle blower report.

There is more. There is evidence that whistle blower requirements were changed to allow reports based on hearsay evidence just before this report was received. There are reports that Adam Schiff got this report in August and sent people over to the Ukraine to investigate. The report itself, in addition to having glaring errors, sure appears to have been written by legal counsel.

The actual transcript shows Trump asking for nothing more or nothing less than for someone to investigate Joe Biden. His justification is beyond obvious. Biden is on public record bragging about forcing Ukraine to fire a prosecutor before he would release $1 billion in aid. It is not disputed that Hunter Biden was appointed to the board of Burisma two weeks after being discharged from the Navy for drug abuse. It is not disputed that he was paid $50,000 per month. It is not disputed that Burisma was definitely under investigation. The liberal left has tried to deflect this by saying Hunter Biden could not be held responsible for things that happened before his appointment, which is why they say Hunter Biden did nothing illegal. But, if Joe Biden got a prosecutor investigating corruption fired because someone paid his son $50,000 to sit on a board, that is corruption. That is particularly true when no one has another explanation for why Hunter Biden was worth this amount of money. There are reports that Chris Heinz, stepson of John Kerry, personally warned Hunter Biden about this and split up their partnership as a result.

So, that begs the question. Why? Why go all in on something so paper thin and something guaranteed to be discredited. The answer is because the alternative was even worse. That is what Bongino is saying. He says that the IG report is going to be so devastating that they are desperate to distract from it. What, may you ask, could be that bad. Bongino told us that too. Remember that Bongino was a Secret Service agent which means he probably still has a very high security clearance. He could learn things not available to anyone else. He says the IG report will say action was taken “in collusion with foreign governments.” That would be the ultimate bombshell.

Bongino is making a career out of publicly supporting Trump. He is as partisan as they come. But that does not mean he got this wrong. This is perilously close to a direct quote from the IG report which is on the verge of being released to the public. My hunch is that the IG report will be released almost simultaneously with indictments and arrests. In fact, the indictments and arrests could come first. That is what is done when there is a report that recommends criminal prosecution. The findings are given to the DOJ (already done) along with a referral for criminal prosecution. The most common reason for the DOJ to refuse to release information is that it is being used in a current investigation. They want the chance to interview witnesses etc. before the persons of interest even know they are being targeted. This the period of time when search warrants  are issued, and secret grand juries are impaneled. In other words, what Bongino says makes perfect sense and cannot be dismissed as partisan hype.

We will know shortly. One thing is very clear. Donald Trump views this as an assault on the office of President of the United States and he is going to fight back with his full arsenal. He believes he is not just protecting his own political future; he is protecting the office itself. Unlike his opponents who are counting on people like Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff and their fawning supporters in the MSM, Trump has a team of very serious professionals on his side.

Congress is now in recess. My best guess is that this will explode while they are back home patting themselves on the back. At lot of people should be afraid, very afraid.


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