Rudy Giuliani was on fire tonight during an interview with Laura Ingraham. This was so far over the top that he is either insane, senile or he was telling the truth. If he was telling the truth, the entire DNC leadership has fallen into a major trap from which there is no escape.

We may never know all the facts but consider the following. It is well documented that Trump was extremely angry about people in his administration leaking sensitive information to the press. He even fired his personal assistant for that. Now suppose that the loyal members of the administration discovered who was spying on them and leaking information. What would they do? They could confront this person and fire him or her. That would be fun, but what if they used this person to set a trap? What if they leaked details of a conversation between Trump and the President of the Ukraine? Only this person did not get a transcript of that call and did not actually listen to that call. He or she was relying on other people telling them about it. They wanted this person to leak this information, so they made it too juicy to ignore. The whistleblower thought he or she had the information needed to destroy Trump.

When, predictably, this person leaked his story to the MSM they swallowed it hook, line and sinker.  Nancy Pelosi literally made a public call to impeach Trump and almost every candidate for the DNC nomination immediately stood up to salute. They should have smelled a trap. This fell into the category of too good to be true. They failed to see the warning signs, such the whistleblower admitting he or she had not actually heard the conversation and had not seen a transcript of the conversation. But the Trump haters were too overjoyed to take a pause. They went all in, based on a whistleblower they don’ know, regarding a story they have not seen, about  a conversation he or she did not hear. It was insane. There were other warning flags that were ignored. The fact that the foreign minister of the Ukraine immediately discredited the report. That fact that Trump said he would consider releasing a full unredacted transcript. Then the biggest red flag of all, Republicans in the Senate voted to demand release of the whistleblower report. Unlike Democrats, at least some of them know exactly what is in that report. Some of them have also seen the transcript of the conversation. The liberal left stupidly assumed that the senators had turned on Trump. What if they got that backwards.

Then two things happened today. One is that there is a report that the IG has information that this person was a supporter of one of the DNC candidates and was prejudiced against Trump. That has the potential to totally discredit this report. What if the report contains material allegations, that are totally unsupported by the actual transcript. The Trump administration did this before with the allegations about Donald Trump, Jr. and the WikiLeaks release. Information was leaked with the wrong date. No one bothered to verify the date and it quickly turned out that the correspondence by Donald Trump Jr was after public release of those e-mails by WikiLeaks.

Now enter Rudy. He is on the Ingraham angle and he says the Democrats have fallen into a trap. He says he has documented evidence proving criminal acts by both Hunter Biden and Joe Biden.  He says he was asked by the state department to go to the Ukraine and get the documents. He even held up his phone and told Laura he could show the text messages verifying this.

We already know things that make this beyond credible. One is that there is literally a video of Joe Biden bragging about how he intimidated the Ukraine to fire their prosecutor.  The other is, well, Hunter Biden. He enlisted in the Navy when he was 44 years old. Two years later he was discharged when he tested positive for cocaine. When his brother Beau Biden died, Hunter divorced his wife and started an affair with his brother’s widow. He even admitted buying crack from homeless people. He cheated on his brother’s widow and married a South American model he only knew for a short time. Oh, he was also allegedly caught with drug paraphernalia in his car. He signed on the board of Burisma Holdings, Ukraine’s largest gas production and was paid $600 k a year. He recommended his own law firm, Boies, Schiller and Flexner to represent Burisma to protect against corruption. Right! Hunter has no experience in the energy field. He does not speak Russian and does not know the Ukraine. The least likely explaination for this appointment is that Hunter was a valuable asset.  It seems more likely that his sole value lay in his ability to ask his father for help.

The MSM made a token investigation and said there was no evidence to pursue. How convenient. But, if Rudy is telling the truth, he has that evidence. There have been numerous reports that people in the Ukraine were desperately trying to get this in the right hands. They did not trust the FBI. Who can blame them? The U.S. Ambassador delayed getting them visas. Trump fired the Ambassador and Giuliani was dispatched by the State Department to travel personally to the Ukraine to get his hands on the documentation. Last night he told Laura Ingraham he has this in spades.

If Rudy is right and he has undeniable evidence of blatant corruption by Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, that will go off like a bomb. What makes this worse is he says he has more information on the entire Obama administration, including Hillary Clinton.

With the decision by Nancy Pelosi and others to accuse Trump of a crime worthy of impeachment, Democrats now have to put up or shut up. That is bad enough, but all they may have done is make it impossible for the MSM to continue to ignore the Biden chronicles.

It is simple, if Trump was demanding that Ukraine investigate Hunter Biden for corruption, because he had hard evidence that Hunter Biden was corrupt then Democrats are about to experience the ultimate public humiliation.

We will know more tomorrow when that transcript is released. It sure looks like Democrats thought they had Trump on the ropes, and he countered with a vicious right cross.  Who knows, but we do know this. So far Democrats seem to have no facts supporting any of their theories while Trump just may have a mountain of evidence.  A lot of people, who should be smarter than this, just may have fallen into a trap from which there is no exit.

NOTE.  The transcript has been released.  CNN has already parsed this and views this as smoking gun evidence. But, the full transcript has been released and a lot of people will read it.  Certainly during an impeachment trial, the entire transcript will be introduced as evidence.  The president of Ukraine is the one who brought up corruption and said, like Trump, he was going to drain the swamp. Trump did ask him to investigate Biden, but his reason for this was Biden’s public admission that he got the Ukraine prosecutor fired.  Watch CNN try, but fail to ignore that. Trump also said that some of the inference in our 2016 election appeared to have come from Ukraine and he mentioned CrowdStrike.  CrowdStrike famously made a false report about Russia hacking Ukraine artillery.  To an objective reader, Trump wasn’t asking the Ukraine to interfere in our election, he was asking them to investigate whether or not it did that in 2016.  The MSM will spin like mad, but this is actually easy to understand for most people. That is going to be a huge problem for the liberal left.  This transcript actually does speak for itself and that will soon drown out the noise generated by the MSM. Trump’s opponents keep making the same mistake.  They are too obsessed by hatred to actually listen to him.



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