The most astonishing thing for me to understand is the incredible stupidity of the liberal left. So, let’s imagine for a second that the House really does vote to impeach Donald Trump for asking the Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden.

The opening argument for Trump might go something like this:

The United States gave billions in foreign aid to the Ukraine. There have been numerous reports that at least some of that money was illegally diverted, some of it to U.S. citizens. One of the potential recipients was Hunter Biden. We do not know if those reports are accurate. That is not the question before you today. The only question is what a President of the United States should do under such circumstances.  Should he just ignore this and continue to approve giving massive amounts of aid with no attempt to verify that those funds are used appropriately? How, exactly, would that benefit the United States of America? Even if the alleged recipient of the funds is a relative of someone who may or may not be a political opponent, would that be grounds to just ignore this? That would seem to be the worst possible decision. Wouldn’t the fairest decision be to request a fair and impartial investigation based on evidence. That is exactly what the President requested.

Perhaps a better question is why would anyone think such an investigation is a bad idea? How could this possibly be a threat to our democracy? How could this possibly harm national security? Should the relative of a candidate for President be immune from any investigation of possible criminal acts? Would you have the same answer if that person was Donald Trump, Jr.?

Opponents of this President have conducted continual investigations regarding Donald Trump and his family before, during and after the 2016 election. Ironically, those who never hesitated to launch an investigation, based on zero evidence, for purely political purposes, now want to impeach a President and remove him from office for requesting an investigation of alleged serious criminal activity where there actually is evidence.

Democrats in the House of Representatives should be ashamed of this petition to impeach. It is nothing more or less than a flagrant abuse of power, perhaps influenced in part as an attempt to cover-up real misdeeds by their own candidate.

The point is that if Democrats did decide to impeach, based on this narrative, it would be a huge political blunder. Smart Democrats know this, which is why they will huff and puff, but will desperately try to avoid blowing their own house down. However the problem is that there may not be enough smart Democrats to stop those who are hell-bent on rushing full-speed ahead on the path to self-destruction.

One thing is certain. Democrats have shown little or no concern over the permanent damage to the United States caused by their irresponsible behavior. This is just further evidence regarding why they can never be trusted with absolute power. I am not sure, at this point, that they can be trusted with any power at all.



  1. We can only hope that the power hungry selfish deadheads trying to impeach are caught in their own web of ignorance and will self distruct!

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