The Thursday night football game was pretty boring. So, I watched a few minutes of the DNC debate, just for giggles. Some of the things I saw were surprising. The moderators were a huge improvement over CNN’s cast of clowns. They included George Stephanopoulos, David Muir, Linsey Davis and Jorge Ramos. All of them are very liberal and they all are all anti-Trump. But they aren’t idiots and they actually asked tough questions and pushed back on stupid answers. David Muir really pushed back on the plans to withdraw troops from Afghanistan without regard to the consequences. I guess none of the candidates remembered that the 18th anniversary of the World Trade Center attack was September 11, 2019, the day before the debate. Just after we were all reminded of the high cost of ignoring Afghanistan prior to that attack, virtually every DNC candidate promised to repeat the mistake. They asked what possible threat Afghanistan was to us? Duh, did you watch TV this week?

Linsey Davis asked Kamala Harris why, if she was so dedicated to implementing change, she accomplished so little while Attorney General for California. It exposed Harris’s biggest weakness. Everything is and always has been only about her. No one is buying her carefully rehearsed act anymore. Kamala Harris has basically self-eliminated from the competition. That won’t be obvious to some people for a long time, but it is reality.

Drudge thinks that Amy Klobuchar was the big winner, but no one else has that opinion. Remember that according to Drudge Tulsi Gabbard won the first debate, but she didn’t even make the cut for the second debate. For the record, Klobuchar is polling at .9% and some were wondering why she was on that stage. I actually like the Drudge Report, but realize that most people reading it will automatically vote for the worst candidate in hopes the DNC would stupidly agree.

The big winner was Joe Biden, primarily because he was not the big loser. The other candidates had to push him off the stage and they didn’t come close to doing that. Julian Castro tried the hardest and just made himself look small in the process. Even the little box he was standing on didn’t help. The big loser was probably Elizabeth Warren, because she had the most to gain, consequently the most to lose. This was her chance to outshine Biden and she didn’t come close. Bernie Sanders was embarrassed; by of all people Jorge Ramos, who asked Bernie about the great things socialism has been done for Venezuela. Bernie literally got red in the race trying to explain this. What could be more appropriate than a red face on a politician who adores communism?

Cory Booker was Cory Booker. He is entertaining but few would consider him to be a viable candidate for President of the United States. Saturday Night live, maybe, President of the United States: please! Mayor Pete looked small in comparison to all the other candidates, with the possible exception of Julian Castro. Beto O’Rourke crossed over into insanity and even the liberal moderators were appalled. He looks and smells of desperation. Andrew Yang wasn’t taken seriously by anyone.

So, after all the hot air, nothing changed. Biden is still way ahead, Bernie and Elizabeth are fighting for second place and everyone else is tied for last place on the train to nowhere invisible in the cloud of dust left by the leaders. Odds are someone like John Kerry is looking at this mess, seeing all the losers and wondering whether or not to take a shot at this. The Democrats need somebody to take on Trump and at least Kerry is somebody. But he is also 76 years old and is the epitome of white privilege. When you combine that this with his inability to speak without showing off his French level of arrogance and the lack of a human like personality he would quickly replace Biden as the target of choice by the liberal left. If there is a worse establishment candidate than Joe Biden, John Kerry is probably it.

To sum it up, they came, we saw, and they squandered. Hard to imagine why the Democrats aren’t making a better show at this, since they are competing against the most incompetence President in U.S. history. Never has an incumbent President been more vulnerable, in their minds and never have they been less capable of offering anything resembling an alternative. If Trump is “this bad” then the DNC is, well, no words will suffice.

By the way, the DNC was not the biggest loser last night. That would be the Carolina Panthers. Not because they stunk up the field, although they did. But rather because of the extremely weird post game press conference by Cam Newton. The attached picture of him at this press conference needs no explanation.

Imagine you are a Carolina Panther fan and this is the quarterback chosen to provide the leadership to win your team a Superbowl. Now imagine your are a Democrat and you realize Newton looks better than any of your candidates for President.

Go ahead and smile!


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