The performance by MSNBC and CNN last week, during Hurricane Dorian was unprecedented. What happened is beyond obvious, except to the liberal left. Donald Trump showed a hurricane projection map, obviously prepared by NOAA. Trump pointed out that Alabama could also be hit hard. As a result of that, the Alabama National Guard started to take steps to prepare. That is, after all, the whole point of those maps showing the projected path of a hurricane. For a long time, even after the storm stalled over the Bahamas, no one seem very confident of what would happen next.

When the storm veered north, CNN and MSNBC ran non-stop coverage falsely claiming that Trump was either stupid or incompetent. They literally accused him of showing a fake forecast map. Trump was and is, justifiably, furious. No other President has ever been second guessed like this, particularly during a major emergency. Unlike most RINOs, Trump does not take this crap lying down. He called them out on this, and they naturally responded by saying he is incapable of admitting error. This is beyond obvious.

Here is what caused all the grief. Trump wrote the following tweet at 7:51 a.m on September 1, 2019.

In addition to Florida – South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama, will most likely be hit (much) harder than anticipated. Looking like one of the largest hurricanes ever. Already category 5. BE CAREFUL! GOD BLESS EVERYONE!

Please remember that this was when Hurricane Dorian was stalled over the Bahamas and no one knew for sure where it would go.

At 8:11 a.m. September 1, 2019, the Birmingham NWS sent out the following tweet:

Alabama will NOT see any impacts from #Dorian. We repeat, no impacts from Hurricane #Dorian will be felt across Alabama. The system will remain too far east. #alwx

Now ask yourself a very simple question. Have you ever seen the NWS issue an urgent message saying there is zero risk from an existing storm? The NWS issues warning and they let warningS expire but they never say: There is zero risk. What, exactly would be the point of that? To make sure that no one in Alabama did any storm preparation. It is clear that the motive for this tweet was solely to contradict and embarrass Trump.

The NOAA finally responded with the following:

The NOAA statement said: “The Birmingham National Weather Service’s Sunday morning tweet spoke in absolute terms that were inconsistent with probabilities from the best forecast products available at the time.”

Naturally the MSM is pretending that NOAA threw the Birmingham NWS under the bus. That is actually accurate, what they missed was the fact that they deserved to be thrown under the bus. This was a purely partisan tweet from an organization that has a duty to be non-partisan.

I think the liberal left and particularly MSNBC and CNN blew this big time. I suspect that a vast majority of the American people understand exactly what happened and they are unimpressed with the hysterical rants by CNN and MSNBC.

This reminds me of someone who has been asked to leave because they are disrupting everyone else. They are furious at the responsible person trying to calm things down and say something like: “Don’t tell me to calm down.” Most people watching this quickly realize who is out of control and who is acting like an immature child.


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