James Comey reported in a memo that Trump had asked him to go easy on Michael Flynn. This was cited several times in the Mueller report as justifying an investigation into obstruction. However, the IG report just proved that this was completely bogus from day one. The problem is that when Comey had that interview with Trump, Flynn was not charged with colluding with Russia. He was not even being investigated for that. He was only charged with violating the Logan act, which is working for a foreign government without registering as a foreign agent. I can find no record of anyone ever being prosecuted for this, probably because Washington D.C. would be empty if that happened. So when Trump asked Comey to go easy on Flynn, assuming he even said that at all, it had nothing to do with Russia, it was with regard to Flynn’s work for Turkey. Comey knew that, he just lied about it, just like he lied about almost everything.

I believe we are very close to the point where the entire Russian collusion investigation and all legal action taken as a result of that investigation is thrown out of court. If you doubt that, do a little research on William Ayers. He was a member of the Weatherman Underground and it is indisputable that he was guilty of terrorist acts.

Why, you may ask, did he and other obviously guilty people walk? The answer is very simple. Government authorities had failed to get a warrant for some of their surveillance. What government agency you ask? Why that would be the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover.

William Ayers summed this up perfectly: “Guilty as sin, free as a bird, American is a great country.”

At least in the case of William Ayers, there actually was a crime to investigate. In the case of Donald Trump, there was no crime. Even if he had colluded with Russia, it wasn’t a crime. Even if he had obstructed the investigation, it would not have been a crime. It is not illegal to obstruct government officials from violating the law. The DOJ reports to Donald Trump, not vice versa. It now clear there was nothing to obstruct.

There is increasing evidence that there is and was zero justification for any of this. Not for the Comey memo. Not for starting the Russian collusion investigation. Not for the FISA warrants. Not for the search warrants. Not for the Grand Jury investigations. Not for sending in FBI informants to entrap people. Not for anything. What makes this worse is that the people involved were the same people who pulled the same stunt regarding Arthur Anderson and had the charges overturned by a 9-0 Supreme Court decision.

While the MSM has been foaming at the mouth over the Mueller investigation, they missed the forest for the trees. But William Barr did not miss this. Neither did John Durham or Michael Horowitz. Comey was not indicted, yet, for a crime, but his misdeeds were thoroughly documented. Horowitz documented the facts surrounding this entire investigation and those facts will ultimately be the deciding factor. Comey gloated about not being indicted and he slammed Trump but he did not dispute one single fact developed by Horowitz. That really matters and soon the reason will be beyond obvious.

I think, at a minimum, the Mueller investigation is about to be tossed to the curb. But, it may not end there. It is looking more and more like there will be more than just throwing out the fruit of the poisonous tree. This time there are going to be criminal indictments for people who in their haste to destroy Trump may have ended up destroying themselves.


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