There are a lot of reasons for optimism today. I will point out just a few.

  1. The liberal left’s attempt to con people into thinking we are heading toward a recession has failed. Consumer confidence is at a 19 year high. The Fed is likely to cut interest rates, which will make the economy even stronger. China has blinked big time on the trade war.
  2. The Queen of England took an unprecedented step to back Boris Johnson in his efforts to implement Brexit. She literally ordered Parliament to drop the nonsense and concentrate on getting this done.
  3. James Comey was humiliated by the DOJ IG report. In many ways, this is the worst possible outcome for Comey, at least with regard to these issues. The DOJ is not going to indict him, so he will get no trial. He has no chance of coming out of this as a martyr. Instead he has been exposed as an incompetent and unscrupulous Director of the FBI who allowed his personal animosity toward Donald Trump to cloud his judgement. All of the shame, none of the glory. Jail might have been a welcome alternative. He,of course, remains too stupid and arrogant to realize this.
  4. CNN has been publicly humiliated, again. Seldom has a news story been so thoroughly and quickly discredited as that by Lawrence O’Donnell. The fact that Rachel Maddox was involved just sweetens the pot.
  5. The CNN fake news story about the Amazon fires just added to the growing pile of evidence that the global warming (climate change) alarmists day is drawing to an end. Trump didn’t even bother to show up for the G7 meeting on this. NASA just issued a report showing U.S. temperatures haven’t risen since 2005.
  6. There is a good chance that the newest hire by CNN, Andrew McCabe, is about to be indicted.
  7. Joe Biden continues to lead in all the Democratic primary polls, because no matter how bad it gets, he still looks good in comparison to the others. He actually is exactly that bad. They are just demonstrably worse.
  8. Tom Steyer spent $12 million and still couldn’t buy a place on the DNC debate stage.
  9. There is a recall petition for Governor Gavin Newsom.
  10. James Mattis, who clearly does not like Trump, gave him the strongest possible endorsement:

“You don’t endanger the country by attacking the elected commander in chief, and to further weaken him when we’re up against real threats –I mean, we could be at war on the Korean peninsula every time they start launching something.”

Mattis reminded the Atlantic, and the world, of the dangers of trashing a President of the United States for political purposes.

I could do more, but ten is enough.  Have a great Labor Day weekend.


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  1. Thank you Terry. I’m expanding my forwards on your blog. Hope you don’t mind.

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