Many of us, who actually did some research and looked at the raw data, were extremely skeptical about the Global Warming Alarmists. There were several red flags. One of which was that none of their predictions ever proved to be accurate. In retrospect, I should have followed my instincts and wagered big bucks on the exact opposite of any prediction. For example, the Global Warming crowd was predicting a dramatic increase in the number and severity of hurricanes. In reality there were fewer hurricanes and they were actually weaker.

This didn’t take much research on my part. You can just google “hurricanes hitting the U.S.” and the pattern is very easy to see. We have periods with lots of hurricanes and we have periods with few hurricanes. This has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

None of these problems were noticed by the liberal left and the MSM. Neither was any attention paid to the incredible amount of money generated by the global warming scam. Let me explain. You buy thousands of acres of wilderness, say in Brazil, and dedicate it to be open space. You buy this dirt cheap because no one lives there, and nothing can ever be built there. Actually, some people do live there, but they have little contact with the rest of society. You get an enormous tax break, meaning you get the land for less than nothing. Now, you arrange to sell carbon offsets on the land you have never seen. Brilliant. Every time someone in California buys gas, they pay a carbon offset tax. That tax goes to you, to compensate you for not using your worthless land.

Previously greedy men and women made money by exploiting workers and over charging for goods because of a corrupt monopoly. That still works, but this is better. It is like perpetual motion. The less you do, the more you earn, and the more praise you receive for helping save the planet. Life is good.

But there is a problem. Other people, the MSM calls climate skeptics who should be exterminated, are using real science and real data to research this. They quickly discover that the real data does not support global warming at all. Even the global warming alarmists get this, so they change from global warming to climate change. Climate change is perfect, because any change is considered proof. Remarkably, an extremely cold winter in New York is equal proof of climate change (we mean global warming) as a hot august night. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, actually two things. One of them is a billionaire who ran for President and admitted he was skeptical about all this crap. The other was that real scientists were getting royally pissed. They were tired of being arrogantly dismissed by people who couldn’t tell their rear disposal mechanism from a hole in the ground. They were particularly annoyed when people were using falsified information to discredit real science. So, they ignored the MSM and sued in a court of law. You know a place where one is required to provide actual facts. When confronted with the requirement to provide facts, the global warming alarmist crowd just took their ball and went home.

Unfortunately, for them, the courts noticed. Michael Mann, who developed the famous Hockey Stick global warming chart so adored by the liberal left, just lost bigly in court. He not only lost; he has to pay big bucks for his opponent’s legal fees. There are few things more painful in life than to have to pay expense incurred by someone to humiliate you.

The MSM will still fail to notice. They will still pretend the Amazon is burning even after NASA laughs this story off the front page. The G7 will still meet to discuss climate change, but one chair will be empty. That is the chair reserved for Donald Trump, who just quietly said he has better things to do.

The end is very near for these clowns. Unfortunately, one reason for that is that it is about to get colder. Much colder. The Sun actually is the primary factor in global temperature and the Sun is headed toward a period of lower activity and less energy output. It is going to get colder. Every scientist, including the global warming alarmist crowd recognizes that this is happening. The global warming alarmist crowd is just hoping and praying to the God they ignore that increasing C02 levels will offset enough of this so people won’t notice. It won’t work. Don’t sell your coat.

And, by the way, it won’t be long now before global cooling is caused by rising C02 levels.


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