Berne Sanders came to Sacramento yesterday. According to KXTV, “hundreds
attended the rally.


FOX 40 said 4,000 people attended. That seems a little “enthusiastic.” They noted that people attended despite the near triple-digit temperatures in Sacramento. What they left out is that “near triple-digits” in Sacramento in August is celebrated as a cooler than normal day.


While we don’t really know how many people showed up to feel the Berne, we do know who was there Wednesday. Cesar Chavez Park has been taken over by the homeless for a long time. If you want to see how Bernie Sanders policies work in real life, you should have visited Cesar Chavez Park Wednesday. I would recommend visiting in the early morning, before 10 o’clock, since most of them will still be asleep and it will be safer for you.

The mayor of Sacramento developed a brilliant plan for dealing with the homeless. Invite Bernie Sanders to come and speak. Then order city park rangers to move in around 9:00 a.m. and clear the homeless out and put up fences. By the time Bernie arrived, the homeless were safely out of sight, problem solved.  This was so obvious that even the Sac Bee noticed:

The homeless people will be kicked out of the park, for about 24 hours, making the problem disappear,


My guess is that they are back today and nothing will change until another Democratic politician decides to brave the Sacramento heat.

One thing is certain; none of the liberal programs designed to deal with the homeless have worked. The places run by Democratic liberals are the places with the biggest problems. Have you visited San Francisco lately? I used to work in San Francisco and considered it to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. A place so blessed that even liberals could not destroy it. Now, I am not so sure. Liberal policies can turn a city too marvelous to believe into a nightmare impossible to ignore.

I am sorry I missed my chance. I should have rushed down to Cesar Chavez plaza around 11:00 on Wednesday. With any luck that would be after the homeless had been pushed out and the debris removed, but before the Bernie barricades were put up. That way, I could have reported first hand on how liberals really can be effective in dealing with the homeless problem.


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