In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” This was the favorite phrase of an Insurance Company President I used to deal with on a regular basis. His point was that if everyone else was oblivious to the obvious, the person who could see reality would win.

This is a perfect analogy of the Democratic Party and the search for a 2020 candidate to run against Donald Trump. The problems with Joe Biden are beyond obvious. There is a reason he never got up to 5% in his previous attempts at the oval office. Biden is a joke of a candidate. He would literally be laughed off the stage if there was anyone else on that stage. But, there isn’t anyone else in sight. The rest of the candidates are so plumb awful that even “sleepy Joe” looks good in comparison.

Perhaps it is just me, but every time I look at the candidates running for the DNC nomination I have the same reaction: “Are you kidding me?” If you were writing a script for a comedy with the most ridiculous possible group of people running for President of the United States it would be hard to come up with anything more bizarre that those currently running. Now combine this with the establishment of the Democratic Party totally intimidated by a former bartender from New York who consistently takes the most ridiculous side of any disagreement. They have even managed to condone anti-Semitic remarks by Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. This is so bad that some of the establishment Democrats and their supporters in the main stream media have noticed.

Meanwhile, back on the farm, CNN ran an extensive report on the Concord Management case Tuesday. They just left out a couple of things. Like the fact that “the millions of files of evidence” was actually Russian social media posts that were never even translated. Three of the companies indicted by Mueller did not exist at the time of the indictment, and some of the people mentioned may not be real people. Concord Management and Consulting, LLC. allegedly spent a whopping $2,930 on campaign ads plus another $1,800 in payroll during the 2016 election.  And that, my friends, is why Hillary Clinton is not President of the United States!

That begs the question: Is CNN really stupid enough to believe that our election was heavily influenced by a $3,000 ad buy, Is the Mueller team stupid enough to believe this, or do they just hope and pray that you are stupid enough to believe this?



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