In 1963, the CBS soap opera, “As The World Turns” was extremely popular. The logo for this show was a world globe revolving. What an ironic image under the circumstances. The show was being broadcast live, when news broke about the Assassination of JFK. This happened so quickly that the actors kept on performing unaware that no one was watching any more. At first there was just a screen showing “CBS NEWS BULLETIN”. Walter Cronkite was giving audio reports, but there was no video. It turns out it took about 20 minutes for the CBS television cameras to warm up.

If you are interested in seeing first-hand how the Kennedy assassination played out in real time, there are several YouTube videos available. Having lived through this when I was a junior in high school, it was fascinating to watch some of this again. It is still hard to imagine how much changed in just a few hours.

The following shot clip shows “As The World Turns” when the news broke.

Kennedy has been shot at about 1:35 p.m. EST and in spite of the obvious chaos, by 6:00 p.m. EST, Air Force One had arrived back at Andrews Air Force bases with President Kennedy’s body. Our new President, Lyndon Johnson, gave a very brief public statement. It is stunning to realize how much our world had changed in about 4 and ½ hours.

We may now have another event of this magnitude. That is the “convenient” death of Jeffrey Epstein. In this case it is not so much about Jeffrey Epstein but rather the convenience of his death for some of the most powerful people on this planet. Virtually no one is buying the “routine suicide” theory.

Attorney General William Barr is investigating, so is the IG. In addition both Republicans and Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee are demanding to know if anyone outside of the Justice Department knew Epstein was taken off suicide watch. For the first time in a very long time, the MSM is all over this. There is a lot of finger pointing on both sides of the aisle, but so far there are a lot more high profile Democrats and liberal celebrities on the naughty list than there are Republicans. It is going to be hard to link Epstein to Trump when it is documented that Trump banned Epstein from Mar-A-Lago years ago.

This reminds me of something Ted Koppel said while he was reporting on the decision by Bill Clinton to bomb Iraq, literally during his impeachment trial. Koppel said that the timing of this decision was convenient, but he would not question President Clinton’s motivation because “that would be unthinkable.”

Bill Clinton did a lot of things that, in retrospect, were unthinkable. So did Hillary Clinton when she jeopardized national security to protect her own privacy. In effect, when James Comey refused to recommend prosecution, it was because he knew that if she did this deliberately: “that would be unthinkable.”

Jeffrey Epstein’s convenient death just may have finally forced a lot of people to realize that “the unthinkable, with regard to the Clinton’s, is no longer ‘unthinkable’ at all.” While the most immediate impact will be to investigate the death of Jeffrey Epstein, ultimately this may change a lot more than that. The truth about the Clintons and to some extent Obama has been obvious, for a long time, to anyone who dared consider the unthinkable. For a long time the MSM has been willing to think the worst of Donald Trump, without regard to actual facts, but unwilling to consider the remote possibility of corruption by the anointed class. Epstein may have just changed that.

One other comment regarding the Kennedy Assassination. Shortly after the shooting, there were interviews of people in New York who questioned whether this was done by right wing conservatives. As soon as the press learned about Lee Harvey Oswald, they immediately took steps to set the record straight and reported that Oswald was actually a far left liberal and had no possible connection to right wing conservatives. I doubt that the MSM of today would have bothered to correct the record.


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