In their haste to blame Trump for the mass murders that occurred over the weekend, the MSM is stepping in it big time. It turns out that the shooter in El Paso was radicalized during the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, not Donald Trump. He was a registered Democrat on Mylife, until some liberal changed it after the shooting. This is mostly stupid. The more anyone looks at this guy the less evidence anything Trump did to inspire this mass murder. CNN calling Trump a racist who supports white supremacists, on the other hand, certainly didn’t help. If anything, it was those advocating open borders that pushed him over the edge.

What the MSM does not realize is that people are really angry and upset about this and they are tired of those who routinely politicize every tragedy. Trump is going to speak in El Paso tomorrow and he will look very presidential. Those who respond to this with cheap political shots may be stunned by the response.

The guy in Dayton was a Democrat who supported Elizabeth Warren and Antifa. Not exactly the guy kind of guy likely to be wearing a MAGA hat. Anyone see Elizabeth Warren getting flak for inspiring violence? Me neither. This is a classic example of desperately pointing your finger at someone else and failing to realize you are pointing four back at yourself. I predict a major backlash on this. People are becoming increasingly angry at those who can never resist exploiting tragedy. In these cases the rush to judgement is beyond obvious.

There will be the predictable rush to ban assault rifles. Trump may even jump on that bandwagon but it will solve nothing. The reality is that there are at least 4.2 million AR15/AK47 type rifles in the U.S. Most of the recent sales went to people who bought them to defend themselves against maniacs like the ones who shot up El Paso and Dayton. Even if they are banned tomorrow, what are they going to do about the 4.2 million already out there? Are you going to do a gun buy back? They tried that in New Zealand and it was ignored. If they do ban them, the only people turning them in will be law abiding citizens who aren’t a problem. The other people, you know the ones we are worried about, will be very unlikely to comply.

What is the plan here? Send in ATF and/or local law enforcement to locate these guns and confiscate them. Good luck with that. We could easily have a lot of Ruby Ridge type scenarios all over the country. Remember the part about there being more than 4.2 million of these guns? Suppose only ½ of 1% are a problem. That still would mean about 200,000 people angry people armed with rifles. At least some of those people really believe those it when they say they will give back their gun when it is pried from their cold dead fingers. Suppose this is a really low percentage. Say, .01%.(one tenth of 1 percent). That still would be about 500 people. Anyone want to volunteer for this task force? It wouldn’t be long before no sane law enforcement person would try and confiscate an AR15 without a Swat team and an armored vehicle as back up.

Think about it, we can’t even find a way to locate and deport unarmed people here illegally.

Even if they do manage to find and confiscate all these guns, it will do little or nothing to stop criminals from getting their hands on guns. That is, if they want them. Most criminals are smarter than the folks at CNN and they prefer hand guns. But if they do want an AR 15 type rifle, the supply is pretty much unlimited.

The point is that while this has zero chance of working, it does have a 100% change of making potentially dangerous people extremely angry. El Paso and Dayton are important reminders of what these people can and will do when provoked. If you take away their AR15s, they will just find something else. Since the AR15 isn’t actually an assault rifle and it isn’t really a good close quarter’s weapon, they will probably choose something more lethal. Nice!

What could make this worse? Easy. An NRA totally mismanaged and shredding credibility. The only question is who hates the NRA management more, left wing liberals or NRA members.

We also have all these pro-gun control liberals with a fatal combination of arrogance, self-righteousness and incompetence. Most of them do not know the difference between an AR15 and an assault rifle. They don’t own a gun and they don’t understand why anyone would want one. Incredibly, they are the one who often hire armed personal security. Most of them are wealthy liberals who live in luxurious isolation. They would never shop at Walmart; they would send one of their servants to do that for them. They live in a bubble and have no concept of life in the real world. That, of course, does not stop them from preaching to the rest of us, oblivious to their own ignorance. Even more oblivious to the irreparable harm they are doing.


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  1. Seems very straight forward to me. But what do I know, as a farm boy who grew up around guns. Also learned how to handle them SAFELY by a great dad.

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