Unfortunately, the two mass shooting events are not a surprise to me. Predictably, Democrats and the MSM are blaming everyone and everything else but themselves. But the sad truth is that this blood is on their hands. It is not Donald Trump who is stirring up rage, it is his opponents who constantly and falsely accuse him of racism and supporting white supremacy.

When Trump dared criticize those Democratic congresswomen who are bad mouthing the United States, he was accused of racism.  No one in the MSM noticed what they were saying about our country. They were women of color, so criticizing them is by definition, racist.

When Trump pointed out, correctly, the Rep. Cummings screamed insults at the acting Border chief based on blatantly false information, while ignoring worse problems in his own district, he was accused of racism.

When Trump condemned white supremacists at Charlotte and pointed out that some people demonstrating against removing the statute of Robert E. Lee were good people, he was accused of supporting white supremacists. When the New York Times sent a reporter who quickly discovered that Trump was right, the media ignored this and still said he supported white supremacy.

This goes on daily. CNN anchors constantly claim Trump is a racist. Beto O’Rourke claims Trump is an avowed racist. Now some of them are, predictably, trying to blame Trump for these mass murders. None of them gave any consideration to evaluating the impact of their own rhetoric. Which is more dangerous, real racism or false accusations of racism. What could possibly be more racist than blaming all our problems on white privilege.

Imagine you are an angry young white man. Democratic candidates for President are apologizing for their white privilege. You are white. You do not exactly feel privileged. What you feel is anger. Anger that results in you writing a manifesto. You blame both parties, pointing out that while both Democrats and Republicans are to blame, there appears to be no hope for Democrats. You don’t mention Donald Trump. You don’t mention David Dukes.

You buy a gun.  You go to El Paso and start shooting people.  The reason is beyond obvious. It’s Donald Trump’s fault.

You are another angry man in Ohio. You are a registered Democrat. You are a Satanist. You shoot up a bar and kill your own sister. Clearly, this too, is Donald Trump’s fault.

A lot of our problems could actually be solved by buying CNN anchors, Democratic Candidates for President and the entire staff of MSNBC mirrors. That way they could see who is actually stirring up this level of hatred.


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