On previous occasions I have suggested that Robert Mueller may be secretly working for Donald Trump. The reason was quite simply that otherwise he was either hopelessly biased or totally incompetent. If a skilled prosecutor was assigned to be special counsel, he or she would have been careful to hire a staff that was above reproach. The last thing they would do is hire someone like Andrew Weissman who has a horrible record for bias and incompetence. We all now know the real answer.

Robert Mueller was not hopelessly biased nor was he incompetent. Sadly, he was mostly absent. I think history will show us that the biggest victim of the Special Counsel’s staff was the Special Counsel himself. He, and those who love him, have to be humiliated and furious with yesterday’s hearing. Someone, anyone, should have told the truth and saved him from this tragic public humiliation.

A lot of people woke up this morning with egg on their face. The Russian collusion story was a joke from day one. That was obvious to anyone paying attention. There was a mountain of evidence,  unreported by the MSM, proving this was a gigantic hoax. Yet some supposedly sharp people have been all in on Mueller who was not all in on himself.

This reminds me of a personal incident observing the agony of defeat. My wife and I were traveling back home from a business trip to Bermuda. We had secured great tickets to the World Series, if the Detroit Tigers managed to get there. We had a layover lasting several hours at O’Hare Airport in Chicago. The Chicago Cubs were playing San Diego in the NLCS. The game was going on all during our layover. The series were tied 2 -2 and the winner of this game would go to the World Series. The Loser would go home. Everywhere we looked there were Chicago Cub’s signs and banners. It seemed like everyone working at O’Hare was wearing a Cub’s button. Every eye was glued to a television screen. It actually looked great for the Cubs, for a while. They were leading 3-0 in the bottom of the 6th. Then it all fell apart. San Diego scored 2 runs in the bottom of the 6th. Cub fans started to show signs of fear. Then San Diego scored 4 runs in the bottom of the 7th and went on to win the series. All those Cub fans were deflated in a heartbeat. By the time we got on our plane, all of the Cub’s gear, the banners, the signs and the buttons were all gone. It was as if they had never existed. That, friends, is the cost of this type of public humiliation. Your strongest supporters will be the first to turn on you.

A lot of people are going to learn this the hard way. This is the ultimate self-inflicted wound by people who should have known better. While I feel nothing but sympathy for Robert Mueller, this should actually be fun to watch.


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