Donald Trump send out a couple of twitters over the weekend that made him look and act ridiculous. Or so we thought. Now, in retrospect, he may have been brilliantly luring the Democratic leadership and the MSM into a fatal error. If they had just laughed because he told people who were born here to go back where they came from, they could have hurt Trump. But they simply cannot help themselves, so instead they responded to this with an act of incredible stupidity. Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, literally called Trump a racist and voted to condemn him. They saw zero reason to consider condemning those who are spewing hatred about our country.

The MSM rejoiced. All of them missed something important. They merely helped Donald Trump get his story out in a way that cannot be ignored. All those headlines and news broadcasts will hurt the Democratic party more than it hurts Trump. Actually, according to the first polls, Trump actually increased in support after he published these tweets.

All of the experts predict this will hurt Trump because it united the Democrats against him. That is true, but they forgot the most important thing. They are united in supporting people who spew vile, bitter hatred toward their own country. The things these clowns have been saying is vile and repulsive to a many people, including a lot of Democrats. Uniting in support behind people who deserve none is the opposite of leadership.

The bottom-line is would you rather be on the side of the people who are bad mouthing the country, or the person who called them out about it. That answer is beyond obvious, unless you are Don Lemon or Anderson Cooper. What Trump wrote was insulting and he got some of his facts wrong, but his criticism is spot on.

The result is that AOC and her class of malcontents have officially become the face of a united Democratic party. The problem is that it is a really ugly face.  These people have almost zero support, other than from fellow millennials following their twitter accounts from the basement bedroom in their parent’s home. There is no chance that they will even consider moving toward the center and start viewing this rationally.

At some point, Nancy Pelosi will either stand up to them or she will watch the complete self-destruction of what was formerly known as the Democratic party. It is easy to predict that these four will do and say things so thoroughly disgusting that Pelosi will have to stand up to them or risk losing the rest of her caucus.

Democrats up for re-election in 2020 have to be terrified, if they have an ounce of common sense. I just recently visited the California State Fair. This is located at Cal Expo, in Sacramento, right in the heart of liberal land. Yet everywhere you looked there were American flags. They were there for a reason. The vast majority of people are proud of our country, our flag and our national anthem. When they are confronted with the vile hate speech by AOC and her band of sisters they are not impressed, they are disgusted.

I know. Impeach him. That will show him one and for all.  Like I said, a monumental mistake.


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