If verified, the following article will absolutely blow the lid off the Mueller Investigation and the entire Russian collusion narrative. This is absolutely unbelievable, except as incredible at it seems, there appear to be a lot of documented facts:

Ed Butowsky is a former Fox Business Network commentator. He was allegedly banned from the network after it had to retract the story regarding the Seth Rich murder.

Last year it was Butowsky who was sued for defamation. Those law suits were dismissed by U.S. District Judge George Daniels who said there was a “failure to prove statements were false or a basis for the defamation claims.” Hmm. So they could not provide proof that his statements were false? He was accused of working with the White House to create a false story about the death of Seth Rich.

At the time, Butowsky warned that he would fight back. Well that may have just happened.

He reported that Fox News Analyst Ellen Ratner is the one who advised him that Wiki-leaks founder Julian Assange told her it was Seth Rich who forwarded those DNC emails. He has e-mails to document this.

He also says that he discussed this with Joel and Mary Rich, the parents, and they said they knew their son(s) were involved in the DNC email leak. But they didn’t know who murdered their son. They said they were reluctant to go public because they didn’t want anyone to think their sons had a role in getting Trump elected. Perhaps they were also reluctant, understandably, to go public to protect their other son from a similar fate.

This is impossible to evaluate. The theory that Russia hacked the DNC email server was always more than a little too convenient for a lot of people. There are at least some experts who claim that the only way these emails could have been obtained is if they were downloaded to a flash drive. If it can be proven that it was Seth Rich that downloaded those e-mails, then the Mueller investigation is not only worthless, it is a deliberate fraud.

Just recently Yahoo reported that Russian Intel started the Seth Rich rumor to cover for DNC hack. That was from Michael Isikoff.

That story was quickly shredded by Real Clear Politics.–_again_140764.html

Remember that last year the theory was that Butowsky did this in cooperation with the White House. When I saw the Isikoff article, it smelled of desperation. Now we may know why.

The long hot summer just got hotter.


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