This is going to be a long hot summer, but not because of climate change. There are several stories that are winding up and they all have the potential to be explosive. Perhaps the most dangerous one for Democrats is the battle to prevent the Trump administration from asking if someone is a U.S. citizen on the census. Democrats are too full of hatred and rage to notice that EVERY opinion poll shows that at least 70% of Americans think this is an appropriate question. Most are shocked to learn that Obama deleted this question for the 2010 census. Even if Trump loses the legal battle, he will definitely win the political battle.

Jeffrey Epstein is going on trial and this is going to get very ugly. Just recently Alan Dershowitz admitted that he got a massage while at Jeffrey’s pad. Dershowitz claims he got this by an older Russian lady and he never removed his underwear. I doubt that anyone will buy that. Bill Clinton is desperately trying to distance himself from Epstein. That isn’t working either. One of the problems is that there are, well, documents and witnesses. Dershowitz was “exposed” by a butler who testified under oath. There obviously has been a serious investigation and a lot of people have been asked whether they want to go to jail with Jeffrey or wish him the best of lock (“luck J) from the outside. Since Jeffrey will soon be out of funds, odds are a lot of people will start singing like canaries.

In addition, if you’re someone like Epstein and you like to have special rooms where you can express yourself creatively chances are you installed hidden cameras so you can relive your “best of” moments. Anyone else who took advantage of the facilities was probably also filmed. This means in addition to the witnesses, of whom there may be many, there could be a lot of not for prime time video. That would sure explain why Epstein caught such a sweetheart deal last time. Some have even speculated that he made a lot of money from blackmailing people. There is no evidence of that, but there is seldom evidence of blackmail payments. There also is little evidence showing exactly how he made all that money.

Then there is the Mueller report. I doubt that he is even going to testify, because he has a huge problem.

It is really simple. If Mueller got this wrong, then his entire report loses credibility.

The Michael Flynn trial is also blowing up. While the New York Times, predictably, thinks this is terrible for Flynn, the facts do not necessarily sustain that opinion.

Here is what the Judge actually said, in writing:

MINUTE ORDER as to MICHAEL T. FLYNN. On June 24, 2019, defense counsel represented to the Court that Mr. Flynn was scheduled to testify at the trial in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia before the Honorable Anthony J. Trenga. See Hr’g Tr. (June 24, 2019), ECF No. 94 at 5:18-25; 6:1-11. On July 9, 2019, Judge Trenga issued an Order unsealing certain court records, see Order, United States v. Rafiekian, Criminal Action No. 18-457 (E.D. Va. July 9, 2019), ECF No. 279 at 1-2, including the following: (1) the government’s “Notice of Correction to the Record,” (2) Mr. Flynn’s “Memorandum Opposing Coconspirator Designation of Non-Party Witness Michael T. Flynn;” and (3) Mr. Bijan Rafiekian’s “Memorandum Regarding Notice of Correction to the Record.” See Attachment. The government is ORDERED to file a submission to this Court by no later than 5:00 PM on July 10, 2019, explaining how the unsealed records in United States v. Rafiekian will impact the proceedings before this Court. Mr. Flynn is ORDERED to file his response to the government’s submission by no later than 5:00 PM on July 11, 2019. The Court will not extend these filing deadlines. Signed by Judge Emmet G. Sullivan on 7/9/2019. (lcegs3) (Entered: 07/09/2019

One will note who is trying to suppress documents and who is not. In addition, this is far more legally complex legally than was initially reported. There is no doubt, at least to me, that Flynn knew he was working for the Turkish government. But, his contract was not with the Turkish government and one suspects that a whole lot of people in Washington use very similar arrangements to avoid reporting as Foreign Agents. That may even include people like Tony Podesta who has close connections with the Clintons. There is way more than a little blatant hypocrisy here.

Michael Flynn is hardly a choir boy here; I just don’t think he should be singing in the choir all by himself.

In any event, originally Flynn was a presented to the court as a cooperating witness and not a co-conspirator. Now he is not going to testify at all and the prosecutors are saying he is a co-conspirator. That would be the same prosecutors who are resisting turning over key documents. This is a lot of things, but consistent and transparent is not on the list.

I personally think Democrats would be wise to cancel Mueller’s testimony and move on. They were expecting a one-sided public fiasco that would allow them to continue beating the drum for collusion long after the rest of the band went home. Now Mueller may be hit with very tough questions and if he just reads from the report he still has a problem because at least one Judge said the report is WRONG.


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  1. Looks like the crap has fermented and is floating to the top of the swamp in ever increasing amounts!

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