Do not expect Jeffrey Epstein to go down without a fight. He frankly has nothing to lose. If convicted, he will almost certainly spend the rest of his life in jail. He apparently has no family to protect. The last time he was in trouble he hired Alan Dershowitz. We will never know what really happened in that prior plea deal, but there is no doubt that a full-fledged trial of Mr. Epstein would have been a world class fiasco. Part of the plea deal included immunity for “co-conspirators.” It seems very likely that the DOJ was getting a lot of pressure from some very powerful people to make this go away.

Epstein will hire the most expensive, creative and ruthless legal counsel on this planet. They will start by calling witnesses who definitely won’t want to participate. There is already one “leaked” list that includes Donald Trump. It is extremely unlikely that Trump will testify. Other “witnesses” may be equally reluctant but with fewer legitimate options for dismissal. The list of well known people allegedly involved is mind blowing. Top of the list will be Bill Clinton. He has already issued a statement, easily disproved, that he only flew on Epstein’s plane 4 times. Pilot logs appear to show about 27 trips. Since Mr. Clinton has already been disbarred for committing perjury, no competent counsel is going to want to see him testify under oath. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him plead the 5th.

The MSM will try to make this all about Trump, but that is not likely to work. For one thing it was the Obama DOJ that defended this plea deal for years and it was the Trump DOJ that reopened the investigation. William Barr recused himself, because he worked for one of the firms that defended Epstein, but he also said he would see that this was investigated. He appears to have kept his promise and assigned someone to take this on.

This is a real mess. It is going to be hard to make this go away with a plea deal this time. Yet, Epstein has a lot of interesting names in his Rolodex and it wouldn’t be a shock to learn he has interesting video recordings of people engaged in “not for prime time” activities. It boggles the mind.

Mr. Epstein is in jail and that just may be the safest place to be. Few people are expressing any concern for his well being and a whole lot of people would sleep easier if he just quietly departed this planet. This is impossible to predict. There are extremely powerful forces exerting pressure from all directions. The least likely outcome is that we will ever learn the full story. There is almost certainly a worldwide search for a sacrificial lamb. Bill Clinton would seem to be the ideal candidate, but he is probably not interested in volunteering. Bill might also consider how convenient it would be for a lot of people if he took an early exit from this earth. No one said a sacrificial lamb has to be alive.

This is certain to get very ugly. For one thing, Epstein doesn’t think he did anything wrong. Justice is supposed to be blind, but it is not color blind. That is why when O.J. Simpson was on trial I reminded one of my black friends that O.J. was not black, he was green. No one is greener than Jeffrey Epstein. I don’t need my Enchroma sunglasses to see that.


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