Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested and if the accusations are accurate it is about time. This seems to be a classic example of another rich and famous guy getting away with despicable behavior for years. The main stream media will immediately try to link Epstein with Trump. They will focus on one statement made by Trump years ago. During an interview with New York Magazine Trump said the following:

“He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

But, unless there is more, this is less than nothing. I think it is safe to assume that if the MSM had any information linking Epstein to Trump we would already know all about it. One problem is that the opposite may be true. There are reports that Epstein was banned from Mar-a-Lago for hitting on the underage daughter of a guest. It appears she was working as a massage therapist and Epstein demanded “special treatment.” Her father went nuts and Epstein was banned from the premises. This was probably done by a manager and Trump may not have been involved. However, it looks like the ban was real and Trump almost certainly knew about it.

Labor Secretary, Alex Acosta is accused of cutting Epstein a sweet heart deal when he was a U.S. Attorney. At the time Epstein was represented by Alan Dershowitz. This happened in 2008, during the last year of the Bush presidency. That does look very bad for Acosta. But there is zero evidence that Trump had any connection with that plea bargain. Democrats would be wise to be very careful about trying to connect Trump with Epstein, as that could easily backfire.

The person probably sweating bullets is Bill Clinton who allegedly flew on Epstein’s plane at least 26 times. So far, there is no evidence of Trump traveling with Epstein. At most he may have flown on his plane once. That makes sense, because Trump had his own plane. There was a lawsuit accusing Trump of an assault on Jeffrey’s island, but that was quickly dismissed. Even Snopes viewed this as a fraudulent claim with no basis in fact. Again, if there was any evidence linking Trump to Epstein you would already know all about it.

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter said a lot of “friends” are going to be embarrassed. I doubt she considers Trump to be a friend. This is a time to watch and see who is and is not commenting on this case. It is interesting to note that Alan Dershowitz has approved releasing documents. That probably means he is not involved. It definitely means he is distancing himself from Epstein. There were times when Dershowitz was on the same plane as Epstein, but since he was representing him as legal counsel that makes sense.

Rich people seldom do well when faced with the prospect of long prison terms. Jeffrey Epstein is looking at serious prison time and that has to rock his world. This is impossible to predict, but one would hardly confuse Epstein with someone who has an ounce of character. That means he just might be willing to do and say almost anything to spare his own hide. That makes him a very dangerous person.

The question of the day is: “how far up does Jeffrey’s ladder reach?” Based on the magnitude with which this was covered up in 2008, the sky’s the limit.


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