Following is my open letter to Nike:

Today, as I get ready to celebrate our country on July 4, 2019, I am ashamed of what used to be an iconic American brand. I am a Vietnam Combat veteran and served several tours of duty in South East Asia. During that time I became used to people who protested those of us who were defending our country. I fully understood that among other things, I was fighting for the right for them to protest. Freedom of speech applies to everyone, even those with whom we disagree and those who are hopelessly misinformed.

I was appalled and disgusted when Nike chose Colin Kaepernick as a symbol of justice and freedom. I was amazed that you supported his anti-police antics, primarily based on a false narrative. Every credible statistics shows that the shooting of unarmed black men is rare, much rarer than it used to be. They also show that regardless of circumstances the liberal left will assume that the police are murderers.

We recently lost a young female police officer in Sacramento. Colin Kaepernick couldn’t be bothered to protest that. Instead people inspired by the Colin Kaepernick’s of this world were literally screaming insults at the police while she was lying there in a pool of blood, bleeding to death.

The sad reality is that Colin Kaepernick was not a superstar; he was a failing professional athlete who had been benched for poor performance. He didn’t sacrifice ANYTHING for sitting down during the national anthem. Instead, he was hugely rewarded for insulting behavior. Nike was thrilled to praise Kaepernick as some kind of heroic figure and throw money at him. Now, incredibly, you have decided to cancel production of a pair of shoes because, gasp, Colin Kaepernick is offended by the American flag on the heel. Well guess what geniuses.  I flew on over 200 combat missions wearing that flag on my flight suit. That was 20 years before Kaepernick was even born. He can’t even spell sacrifice.

I will never again buy another product with a Nike logo.  I have already ordered American flag patches so my wife can sew them over any existing items I have with a Nike Logo. I realize this will offend people like Colin Kaepernick, but the Nike Logo offends people like me.


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