We used to play kick the can during the annual three hours of summer while growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. OK, I may be exaggerating on the length of summer just a tad. But we did play kick the can, a lot, and we always yelled “OLLY, OLLY OXEN FREE.” Or so we thought.  I always thought it was “OLLY, OLLY OX IN FREE.” That doesn’t make much sense either, but Oxen Free made no sense at all.

Actually, it means the game and over and it is safe to come out from your hiding spot. That seems to be the perfect way to describe the DNC debate.

This was so bad; Donald Trump didn’t even bother to tweet much at all. He just said: “Boring” and went to visit the troops in Alaska. Even NBC, which tried and failed to moderate the debate, said that Trump was the big winner. Perhaps they sabotaged their own audio signal to reduce the level of embarrassment.

One way to know when a performance has really bombed is when your own fans start to boo.  The setting was the last Monday Night NFL Football game scheduled before a threatened strike. The Jets were stinking up the field. A TV camera focused on this guy in the upper deck. He had a paper bag over his head and was holding up a sign that said: “GO AHEAD AND STRIKE.” I understood exactly how he felt. The debate last night was so bad that even the usual class of left-wing wacko liberal Hollywood elites were disgusted.

This brings me to the whole point of OLLY, OLLY, OXEN FREE. The real issue here is that the debate was destined to be filled with Oxymorons. An Oxymoron is a set of words that are not inherently mutually exclusive but when used together express an opinion that is impossible. For example, “loyal opposition” or even better “liberal tolerance.” In other words, It is difficult to make a coherent explanation for policy positions that are impossible to achieve in the real world.

In addition, the policy positions demanded by the liberal left are not the same as what most Democrats want. For example there are reports that 70% of Democrats want some restrictions on abortions, but Julian Castro wants to make abortions available for men too. All over the country, men who are desperate for an abortion are already lining up at Planned Parenthood Clinics. Actually, this does happen, but only when they want their girlfriend to get an abortion. I wonder how many Democrats watching this at home ended up sitting there with a paper bag over their head. I suspect most of them switched the dial to something better, like reruns of “Heidi.”

The problem is that when you are trying to explain nonsense you have a tendency to resort to gibberish. If you are dumb enough to believe this crap you are unlikely to be smart enough to debate anyone about it. That is why liberals seldom debate with anyone. They only associate with people who believe the same things they believe. They consider anyone who disagrees to be too biased and stupid to matter. As a result, when asked serious questions, even the soft ball questions lobbed by NBC moderators, the results are predictably awful. In this case, so bad that the big winner appears to be the one who said the least?

I can’t wait to not watch tonight’s’ debate either.


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