Robert Mueller has agreed to testify before congress. It is guaranteed to be a circus. Democrats and their liberal cheering squad in the MSM will portray this as the first step on the path to impeachment. They will be wrong, of course, just as they have been wrong at every juncture since day one. If anything, Mueller is likely to do more harm to their cause than good. Republicans are sure to ask him hard questions, like unnecessary redactions in parts of his report and areas that appear to be contradicted by other evidence.

Mueller cannot say anything negative about Trump that is not already in his report. If he does that, he will be admitting to perjury. He is likely to just read word for word from his report. At best, liberal commentators will be left to hyperventilate over the tone of his voice or inflection.

My prediction is high theater that will end up boring the audience to death. By the time this is done Mueller will, hopefully, be on his way to a long and very silent retirement. His report will go down in history as a huge mistake. If the president was guilty of something, Mueller failed to document it. If he was not guilty, that what, exactly, was the point? That is the real question a lot of people are asking today. What was the point of this? Republicans can legitimately argue that at least as much effort should be spent investigating Obama, Biden and Clinton. If Democrats have any brain cells left, they will be terrified at the prospect of that.

If the Obama administration had just cause to spy on Trump, Trump has just cause to permanently plant a GPS tracker and a wire on Biden. Talk about someone who has openly conspired with foreign governments. Biden looks like a case study in corruption. There was a recent report about blue collar Joe and his three homes, one of which rents for $20,000 a month. Biden may really regret running for President.

He has reportedly been getting $200,000 per speech. Who on earth would pay $200,000 to hear someone like Joe Biden. The obvious answer is someone paying off a bribe. Or, at a minimum, someone is returning a HUGE favor. This is the same reason Barack Obama has been showered with cash since leaving office. In Biden’s case it is excruciatingly obvious since, he draws massive crowds of about 100 people. At least Obama pretends to attract an audience. In reality, not so much. Remember all the news coverage of those massive Obama rallies lately? Nope, me neither. If Obama was drawing big crowds, the press would be all over it. Ain’t happening folks.

It is even worse with Biden. It is impossible to imagine a scenario where Biden gives a speech worth $200,000.

I really think this is an act of absolute desperation. The intent is to run out the clock, because the real investigations are heating up and none of the people indicted will have any connection with Donald Trump.

Always remember it is darkest just before dawn and when you start getting serious flak you are getting very close to the target. “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” Sir Walter Scott wrote this line in Marmion a poem about the Battle of Flodden Field in 1503. It is difficult to determine the actual facts surrounding the Battle of Flodden Field, but by any measure the Scots were slaughtered.


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