This year on March 11, which was a Monday, the Sacramento police review commission met. They passed a unanimous motion to recommend city leaders support Assembly Bill 392.

That bill would restrict the use of deadly force by police. Now police may use deadly force only when “necessary to prevent imminent and serious injury or death as opposed to when “reasonable.”

Office may not fire their weapons if nonlethal alternatives are available.

The city brilliantly adopted AB 392, before it went into effect:

“The bill doesn’t take away the ability of police officers to use force if it is necessary, if their life is in danger or the life of someone else is in danger,” Commissioner Mario Guerrero said. “What this bill does is say if that isn’t the situation; there are steps that you can take to ensure the safety and sanctity of life for everyone.”

The police union responded with the following comment:

AB 392 is a deeply flawed and unconstitutional bill. We are supporting SB 230, which will help achieve better outcomes for everybody by providing officers clear guidelines and training on de-escalation and alternative tactics.”

SB 230 is different from the AB 392 because it focuses on policies and de-escalation training instead of redefining when officers can resort to use of force.

In case you were wondering how this would work in the real world, well now you know. Police responded to a domestic violence situation last week. They were there to help a woman collect her belonging. They were allegedly ambushed by Adel Sambrano Ramos. He has a long criminal record. A judge twice granted domestic violence restraining orders against Ramos in 2004 and 2007. In both cases he was required to give up his guns. Either those orders expired or he didn’t really care.

A black family who lived next door said that Ramos had threatened three children with kitchen knives and frequently shouted racial slurs. They complained to the police, but no one was willing to do anything.


Video appears to show that when officers arrived on the scene Ramos started shooting. There is no evidence that the police ever shot back. Instead, they took cover. Officer Tara O’Sullivan was lying in the back yard seriously wounded. The decision was made to wait for an armored vehicle to arrive before attempting rescue. There are reports that she lay on the ground bleeding for more than 45 minutes and that the suspect blasted every time he saw movement.

The Police Chief explained that they waited for the armored vehicle because they did not feel a police car offered adequate protection. He complained that the suspect had an illegal assault weapon. He had an AR15 with a pistol grip. An Assault Rife. THAT IS THE PROBLEM.

In the meantime there is video of anti-police protesters celebrating and insulting the police. The suspect was not arrested until after an 8 hour stand-off. Office O’ Sullivan was already dead. He eventually just walked out and surrendered.

The police department is now reporting that she suffered a non-survivable wound. They, of course, blame the assault rifle. They always blame the rifle. Maybe she couldn’t have been saved, but is that really an excuse for not even trying?

There were numerous police officers at that scene, many, if not all of them wearing bullet proof vests. Most, if not all of them, were armed. What, exactly, would an imminent threat look like if it was not a man literally shooting at a wounded police officer? In Florida a police officer is being accused of cowardice for not confronting a school shooter. Here police are being praised for showing restraint by not confronting someone who just shot a cop. By the way, that school shooter had an AR15.

The local media is praising Officer O’Sullivan, which is great. The police chief said she was like family. Wonderful. Imagine you are a 26 year old police officer lying wounded in that backyard. You are surrounded by fellow police officers, all wearing body armor, crouched behind their patrol cars. You are being shot by a mad-man with a rifle. In the meantime, everyone is waiting for an armored vehicle to arrive. I suspect she would rather someone at least try to rescue her.

I know. It’s the gun. This guy had an illegal AR15. Let’s pass more gun control laws to ban a gun that is already illegal. That’s what really matters here. We desperately need to pass more gun laws to make this gun that is already illegal, even more illegal. Someone like Ramos would never consider owning an illegal fire arm. Right?

Welcome to the family.



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