Roger Stone is definitely not playing the game. He refuses to plead guilty and his legal counsel is questioning whether Russia even hacked the DNC servers in the first place. I should point out that some of the filings by his legal team have been less than impressive, but in this case he may have a point. We already know that neither the FBI nor the NSA had the opportunity to do a forensic evaluation of the DNC server(s). They both relied on an analysis by CrowdStrike, which had been hired by the DNC. CrowdStrike does not have a lot of credibility here. Suppose you hired a guard to protect the hen house against an attack by a fox. You wake up to discover that a fox got in and all your hens are dead. You then rely solely on the guard who failed to protect the hen house to advise you regarding what went wrong. Brilliant!

But another question is” “if there was a hack, wouldn’t the NSA has evidence of that? There are even unconfirmed reports that the NSA has copies of those e-mail deleted by Hillary Clinton. But, there is no report of the NSA having evidence of a hack of the DNC servers by Russia. Hmmm.

That begs the question, how else would someone get access to the data. The answer is actually quite obvious. Any employee could have brought a thumb drive to work and just downloaded the data. That would have taken about a minute. In addition, there are reports that DNC employees were allowed to bring their laptops home and to access the database from home. That makes sense, because a lot of employees work remotely these days. All one of those employees would have needed to do is log in and download the data to a thumb/flash drive.

In addition, it has been reported that John Podesta’s password was allegedly “password.” Almost anyone with his user ID could have logged into the system downloaded everything and logged out. There might not be even a record of that. It certainly wouldn’t have looked anything like a hack.

If Mueller can’t prove that Russia hacked the DNC servers, he had no probable cause to investigate Roger Stone for anything. Frankly, without Russia hacking the DNC servers, it is hard to justify Mueller investigating anything or anyone.

I previously wrote that Mueller was either secretly working for Trump, or he is hopelessly incompetent. It was hard for me to believe that a former Director of the FBI could be this sloppy, but with each new development that looks increasingly possible. The Mueller report has already been exposed making some very obvious mistakes. One example was including a “parsed” version of a recorded phone conversation. That was a silly mistake. There are other reports of major errors. For example the Mueller report failed to disclose that Konstantin Kilimnik was a U.S. State Department informant. If Mueller did not know that, he is hopelessly incompetent. Yet, if he included this, knowing about Kilimnik that has the potential to discredit his entire report. Either way, this is beyond bad.

For months Democrats were desperately waiting for the Mueller report to take down Trump. When the report was released and that didn’t happen they just kept on pretending. The result is that both liberals and conservatives are united on only one subject. They both agree that Mueller botched this big time. No one is impressed.

At some point even the Adam Schiff’s of this world will realize the obvious. Mueller’s report is nothing more than a major disappointment. Eventually, they will turn on him. The only alternative would be for them to admit they were wrong and they are totally incapable of doing that.

In the meantime, while liberals have convinced themselves that Joe Biden would trounce Donald Trump in a general election, they are ignoring the obvious. Trump is scheduled to speak in Orlando later this week and people are already lined up more than 40 hours before the doors open. When both Biden and Trump spoke in Pennsylvania on the same day Biden drew a much smaller crowd than Trump. This was so obvious that even Politico couldn’t pretend any more.  Instead they said: “Focusing on crowd size is Trump’s game, it says, an emphasis on style over substance that attempts to turn audience engagement into an argument about the 76-year-old Biden’s energy level.

This is exactly the way they evaluated those Trump crowds in 2016. My response is “don’t stop believing.” It is so fun to watch.


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