Donald Trump told George Stephanopoulos that if a foreign government offered dirt on a political opponent, he would probably listen. In addition, he wouldn’t necessarily notify the FBI. The liberal left went ape, as they always do. Anderson Cooper described this as treason, which is par for the course. But, by this time, they should know better. This was hardly a case where Trump went off script. He knew exactly what he was saying and this was deliberate. Part of the reason is probably to protect his son for agreeing to attend a meeting where dirt was promised on Hillary Clinton. But perhaps a bigger reason is that Hillary Clinton actually did ALL OF THE ABOVE. When that was mentioned, the MSM said: there’s no proof of that. Of course there isn’t, because you can’t see anything if you don’t bother to look. The MSM has never even considered looking at Hillary Clinton.

It is important to remember that Trump knows things you do not know. He knows what Barr and Durham have already found. He knows what the IG has found. He also knows what Christopher Wray and Rod Rosenstein have found. He also has the full, unredacted version of the Mueller report. There is an old saying that one should be careful when pointing the finger at someone else, because three other fingers are pointing back at you. I suspect Trump did this for exactly that reason. He knows the louder the DNC and the MSM screams about this, the more embarrassing it will be when they are confronted solid proof that Hillary Clinton did the same thing, only on steroids. They will be left with nothing other than to say it doesn’t matter because she isn’t President of the United States. At which point all Donald Trump needs to do is smile and say: “Thank God!

I suspect the real reason Trump gave them the finger is that he knows they will only end up pointing it at themselves. This was easy to predict. Liberals give a knee jerk response to anything Trump says or does. They seldom bother to even consider the possibility that they are getting this wrong. That makes them extremely vulnerable.


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