Wow! The liberal media is ripping Nancy Pelosi a new one for saying that she wants to see Trump in prison. Even someone as far out there as Chris Matthews has a limit. While Trump said he would like to see Hillary investigated and the crowd responded by “lock her up” that is very different than Pelosi wanting to imprison Trump based on zero evidence. For one thing, the need to investigate Hillary Clinton is beyond obvious and there actually is evidence of crimes. For another, Trump never said lock her up, nor did he mention imprisoning her. He just suggested an investigation. The liberal left has shown zero restraint in demanding investigations of Trump.

Up until now, the liberal left was too blinded by Trump hatred to even notice. That all changed this week. I honestly think several things contributed to this. One is that more people have actually read the Mueller report and it is clear that none of the allegations against Trump and/or the campaign had any merit. In fact, after reading this report, it is hard to justify the investigation at all. Another is that the media has looked at all the clowns running for the DNC nomination for President and the closest thing they can find to a responsible adult is Joe Biden. That would be the same Joe Biden who is rapidly reversing his life-long policy positions in a desperate lunge to the left.

Now add in D-Day and Trump’s visit to Great Britain. There was Trump, charming Queen Elizabeth and then delivering a masterful speech that even Jim Acosta admitted rose to the occasion. Suddenly two things that should have been obvious for the past two years became undeniable. Donald Trump is President of the United States. He looks and acts Presidential. D-Day is a reminder of the real job of a President. It isn’t to try and adopt silly policy positions so people all “atwitter” about AOC will naively view this as evidence of wisdom and leadership. The real job of a President is to protect the country and sometimes that requires someone willing to make the heart rendering decision to invade Normandy. In retrospect, D-Day looks like the obvious decision. A no-brainer. But in reality, this could easily have failed, like the disaster at Gallipoli. History is just as full of catastrophic failures as it is of great victories. In fact, one could argue that every great victory is the result of a catastrophic failure.

Even someone as tainted at Chris Matthews had to watch Trump perform at Normandy and ask a simple question. In a time of great peril, who would be more capable of making impossible decisions? Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden or any of the class of 2020. Imagine another D-Day type decision and the President of the United States is the only one who can make that decision. Now imagine putting your fate in the hands of someone like Kamala Harris or Kirsten Gillibrand. Or how about Mayor Pete standing next to the first husband. That is beyond terrifying.

We are reminded that a President has incredible power because a President has an enormous responsibility. I honestly think with the election of Barack Obama, a lot of people forgot that. We were beyond fortunate that our enemies did not strike while Obama was President. I personally think the only thing that saved us is that he was so pathetic they didn’t need to bother. They could get anything they wanted with zero risk of opposition. In the meantime, on his watch, North Korean went from insane to bat shit crazy. Iran literally persuaded him to fund their nuclear weapon program so the next President could deal with it. When Trump actually had the courage to at least try and deal with these issues, the liberal left was horrified. This, they argued, is how you end up in a war. No, actually the way to end up in a war is to trust someone like Neville Chamberlain who never figured out the obvious. There is zero point of negotiation with those who have zero interest in negotiating with you. That is particularly true when they are developing weapons designed specifically to destroy you. D-Day is a sobering reminder of the high cost of choosing inadequate leaders.

This week Donald Trump became President of the United States to a whole lot of people who had been ignoring the obvious. This is a world changing event. Those who fail to realize that will pay a very high price. In some ways it is like a lot of people just woke up after an all-night binge with a shrieking headache saying: “what was I thinking?” Only this wasn’t a one-night binge, it has been going on since 2008 when this country elected someone like Barack Obama to become President of the United States. That morphed into sustained temporary insanity after the liberal left watched in horror as Donald Trump won a Presidential election. It took another two and a half years before they even considered sobering up. The hangover, like the binge itself, will be beyond monumental

There is also something else. Those who watched this going on, with increasing disgust, are glad to witness participants who finally recognize a need for sobriety. But, when choosing out next leaders, we will prefer someone who acted responsibly all along.


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