Up until now, Christopher Steele has refused to cooperate with the DOJ regarding the origins of the Russian Collusion investigation. He was the former British spy who allegedly came up with the Russia Dossier. But, while Trump was in England, it was suddenly reported that Steele would cooperate. That may be far more than a coincidence.

Donald Trump said something remarkable this week. He said that if Jeremy Coryn became Prime Minister of Great Britain, the U.S. would have to evaluate whether it would continue to share intelligence with Great Britain. That would be devastating to Great Britain. While all the intelligence agencies have their resources, no one comes close to the resources available to the United States. For example, there are stories that Britain was developing the Avro 730, before the development of the U.S. SR-71 Blackbird. But the United States did develop the Blackbird, and it used extremely expensive titanium. Great Britain could never have have produced the SR-71. The point being that while other countries would like to have resources like this, the United States actually has them. Great Britain knows it needs the United States to share intelligence. We, on the other hand, do not necessarily need Great Britain. Trump just reminded everyone who really holds the keys to the kingdom.

We will probably never know what actually happened. But it is quite possible that Christopher Steele was provided a strong incentive to start cooperating with the DOJ. Actually, he may have been given an offer he couldn’t afford to turn down. If that is true, then a lot of people involved in the international deep state who thought they were immune from scrutiny should be terrified. History teaches us that one person in the right spot who turns states evidence changes everything. Christopher Steele is exactly that kind of person. It does not even need to be something Steele did. He would just need to provide some hints about where to look.

Up until now Trump’s opponents were at war with him, but he was not at war with them. This is a sign that things may have changed. This reminds me of some hardened combat veterans I have met. They would run from a fight, not because they are afraid of being injured but rather because they fear the harm they could do to someone else. Trump has been confronted with the evidence of systematic abuse of power by the Obama administration. We are all fortunate that he did not choose to confront that by abusing power himself. What is remarkable about the obstruction of justice allegations against Trump is that, if anything, the Mueller report shows that Trump exercised remarkable restraint.

That is not to confuse Trump with being weak. This is the opposite of weak. It is someone with the patience to endure, knowing that in the end he is the one with the stronger hand. A determined man ready, willing and able to do whatever it takes to fix this. He will not be distracted by weak political assaults. It has taken him time to assemble his own team of people he can really trust to do the job. But that team is now in place and he has given them the green light to deal with this. They have almost unlimited resources. Unlike Obama, Trump has directed them to actually play by the book. The people he has chosen are not clowns like James Comey, desperately in search of the spot light. These are people who do not care if you even know they exist. The evidence of their ability will be more than obvious by the results they deliver.

Other people have noticed. Even Jim Acosta and Joe Scarborough recently said nice things about Donald Trump. There is a reason for that. They suddenly looked up and realized, with shock, that Donald Trump actually is the President of the United States. They are just now beginning to grasp how seriously they underestimated this man.


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