There have been a lot of very destructive tornados lately. This has happened before. I grew up in the Midwest and personally experienced storms like this. I remember one time when the Palm Sunday tornados hit Lower Michigan. This happened in April 1965, while I was a senior in high school. My brother was pastor of a church and I was assigned to stay outside and watch the sky, because there were a lot of warnings. We were right to do that, because a major tornado hit another church about a mile away. An usher outside saw the funnel cloud and gave warning. The people attending church did not have time to evacuate; they just lay down between the pews. The church was leveled, but miraculously none of them were seriously injured. I still remember seeing that church, with the roof and exterior walls gone and realizing there had been people inside. It was even more stunning to realize they had escaped with only minor injuries.

I also remember something else. The spring of 1965 was a mess. Three feet of snow fell during March in Grand Rapids Michigan and on March 27th it was zero degrees. Then on April 3rd, it skyrocketed to 10 degrees. However, by April 11th, Palm Sunday, the temperature in Grand Rapids was 72 degrees. That, folks is the kind of weather that results in a lot of big tornadoes. Extremely cold weather, followed by extremely hot weather results in very powerful and destructive storms. If you think about it, that is very similar to the weather pattern this year. We saw record levels of snow and cold weather followed by heat waves. Sound familiar? This has nothing to do with global warming, regardless of what is being reported on CNN.

The same pattern is occurring politically this year. For over two years the storm clouds have all been about Donald Trump. The world waited breathlessly for the Mueller report, only to have it land with a soft thud. Some still believed and when Mueller actually spoke, and repeated what was in the report, they could not hold back on the celebration. Happy days are here again, impeachment is on the way. But, in reality the opposite is true. Mueller time is over and it is not coming back anytime soon.

Politics, like the weather, can change rapidly. The more strongly things move in one direction, the more energy being built up in resistance. Science teaches us for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That is just as true in politics as it is in weather. The establishment in Europe learned that the hard way just this week. So did the political establishment in Australia. They all missed the warning signs of a really huge political storm just over the horizon.

The next political storm is now approaching and this will be far more destructive than the storm that just passed. Those who fail to heed warning will pay a terrible price. The previous storm lasted far too long, but it was fueled primarily by belief in a mythical monster created out of thin air by liberal democrats and their public relations partners in the MSM. This fictional creation did not even resemble the real Donald Trump but they were too excited to notice. They waited breathlessly, for over two years, for the great dragon slayer, Robert Mueller, to destroy the evil Trump. But Mueller came and left and Trump is not only still here, he is actually stronger than before.

The political storm about to break will be destructive far beyond what anyone can imagine. This storm, fueled by actual facts, is far more powerful, energized by pent up anger. When you combine this with well-documented facts and professional prosecutors focused on real crimes it is a recipe for the perfect political storm. A lot of people are going to be swept away by this.

We are reminded that, as John Adams said while defending the British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre: “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” Keep in mind that this is still called the Boston massacre and few people were less admired than British troops stationed in Boston in 1770. People wanted the British troops to be guilty and they wanted them to be punished. It is hard to imagine a lawyer faced with a more hostile jury. The prosecutors only had to prove that one of the soldiers fired with malice and the intent to kill. If they made that case, all of the soldiers would have been sentenced to hang. Incredibly, the jurors found all of the soldiers innocent of murder and two were guilty of manslaughter. Their punishment was to be branded on the thumb. Facts, are indeed stubborn and ultimately very powerful.

Now ask yourself a question. Who has documented evidence of crimes and who does not? That will help you estimate the size of the coming storm.


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