We are often blessed by the quality of our enemies. Donald Trump is truly blessed to be attacked by someone with the “skill set” of Rep. Nadler. That was never more evident than during his idiotic press conference today. He listened to Robert Mueller’s report and drew all the wrong conclusions. Most lawyers will instantly recognize that. Nadler is oblivious. Mueller did not say he found evidence of obstruction of justice. He didn’t come close to saying that. He actually eliminated the obstruction of justice allegation by saying the Russia collusion investigation was never about Donald Trump. Trump, in other words, had nothing to obstruct.

What Mueller said is that the role of law enforcement is not to find people innocent; it is rather look for evidence of crimes. They found no such evidence. It is not his job to exonerate Trump or anyone else. What is really significant is that Mueller is not willing to talk to anyone publicly about this anymore. That leaves people like Nadler left with no option other than to howl at the wind. They can try and investigate this until the cows come home and it won’t matter. Even if they were competent, which they aren’t, this would take months if not years. When is the last time a congressional committee indicted anyone? The answer is never, other than when they impeached Bill Clinton. That only happened AFTER the Special Counsel, Ken Starr, made a criminal referral to congress with specific evidence that Clinton had committed crimes. Even though Clinton was clearly guilty, the Senate still refused to convict.

At best congress can make a criminal referral to the DOJ, but only the DOJ can indict anyone. In this case the DOJ has already investigated and specifically determined that they do not have evidence of criminal activity. Nadler, in other words, has less than nothing.

This will have a major negative impact, on the Democratic Party. If they follow the fanatics, they will spend the next two years continuing to obstruct Trump and proposing no solutions. There is close to zero chance they will succeed in removing Trump from office. It would require a major bombshell and there is no evidence of that. Instead, they will only convince more and more people that they are incapable of governing themselves.

On the other hand, if they don’t mollify the radicals the party may literally split in two. We could be witnessing nothing less than the self-destruction of what used to be called the Democratic Party. Most Democratic primaries will involve hard core radicals silencing anyone who even pretends to be willing to compromise. The result is that the winner of the primary is destined to lose in the general election other than in districts died a deep stain of blue. All Republicans need to sweep the table in 2020 is to avoid choosing loser candidates, like Roy Moore.

We can always count on the Republican Party to muck things up, but they will have an increasingly difficult time keeping up with Democrats in the race to the bottom. This is very simple to explain. When you are surrounded by out of control screaming children it is very easy to look like the only adult in the room. While the kids won’t care, those people watching can easily figure this out.


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