Nancy Pelosi made a huge mistake yesterday. She crossed a big red line and the results will be catastrophic. We are used to politicians lying about each other, that is a well-established genetic defect affecting both parties. But there is a big difference between saying someone is lazy, or dumb etc. and falsely accusing them of a crime. Yesterday the Speaker of the House literally accused the President of the United States, Donald Trump of committing a crime. She, of course, not only has zero evidence; she can’t even define what was allegedly covered-up. This was followed today with a statement saying they still won’t impeach him, because that is what he wants, but she is praying for him. Then she suggested an intervention of some kind. Beyond the obvious stupidity, this is totally unacceptable behavior from a Speaker of the House. There is zero chance Trump will tolerate this. No President of the United States can or should tolerate that.

This is further proof that the Democratic Party has gone completely off the rails. That will impact more than Donald Trump. Even those Republicans who despise Trump will not tolerate this. They cannot tolerate this.

While the MSM is pretending Trump threw a hissy fit, the opposite is true. The opposite of love is not hate. Hate and love are actually very similar. The true opposite of love is apathy. It sure looks like Trump has moved on from hate and disgust to apathy. He no longer has any hope of Democrats acting responsibly on any subject, so he won’t even pretend any more. But he is more likely to ignore them than bother becoming angry, unless they accuse him of a crime. Other Republicans noticed. Kevin McCarthy gave a scathing rebuke to Democrats today and also said he was done trying to bargain with those who have zero intention of bargaining in good faith.

I doubt serious that Democrats will impeach Trump, because they simply do not have a case. They might not even get enough Democratic votes in the House. They have zero chance of getting a conviction in the Senate.

There was an important poll out there today that should tell you everything you need to know. This poll showed that 67% of Democrats really believe that we have 12 years to reverse climate change or we all die. This is so stupid that even AOC, who made that prediction, was surprised anyone took her seriously. So the question is are 67% of Democrats really that stupid? I suspect not. It is more likely that 67% of the Democrats willing to respond to opinion polls are that stupid. For the past several years all the polls have been increasingly worthless. One would think that Democrats had learned their lesson in 2016, but they really thought this was a Russian plot. They deluded themselves into thinking Hillary really won after all. The most recent example was in Australia. The polls weren’t even close.

I pondered this in my heart and came to several conclusions. One is that polls are worthless because a lot of people rarely talk on the phone at all anymore, unless they are at work. Test this yourself. While you are out and about, watch for people actually talking on their cell phone. Odds are the only people you see will be loud and obnoxious. Now compare that to those who are texting etc.

Another is that people are far more selective with regard to receiving phone calls at home. We have caller ID on our television, so unless we know who it is, odds are pretty high we won’t even try to answer. In addition, we have the two second rule. Remember the ten second rule that applied if you dropped food on the ground? If you picked it up in less than ten seconds, it was still safe to eat because it didn’t have time to attract germs. That is nonsense, of course, but widely practiced. Now we have the two second rule. If, and that is a big IF, we do answer the phone, you have about two seconds to start talking or we will hang up. Actually, if my wife answers the phone you have even less time.  The reason is that we know telemarketers have this built in delay, so we listen for it. This means the odds of getting us, or anyone like us to answer a telephone opinion poll is close to zero. So, who is answering the phone? Well now we know. About 67% of them are people dumb enough to think the world is going to end in 12 years. Oh, they also vote Democratic.

That begs the question: why do bother taking meaningless polls. Then, I realized the answer is actually quite obvious. The polls are providing valuable feedback to the MSM desperate for confirmation they are on target. Liberals feast on opinion polls and twitter accounts for the same reason. Both are dominated by left wing radicals incapable of communicating normally with other human beings. It is beyond obvious that newspapers are shredding subscribers even faster than CNN shreds viewers. If CNN hadn’t bought up all the TVs in airports, they might not have any viewers at all. But, thanks to worthless opinion polls and left-wing twitterites they remain deluded into thinking they remain relevant. They are relevant, but only to people stupid enough to think we have 12 years before climate change kills us all. And, oh, people impressed by someone as stupid as Nancy Pelosi.


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