Sometimes little things really mean a lot. A classic example of this was the incredible interview of William Barr by Bill Hemmer. We already know that Barr is investigating the origin of the Russia investigation. We already know that Mueller found zero evidence of collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia. We already know that many of the top officials in the DOJ and the FBI have already been removed, one way or another, from their jobs.

But we did not know somethings that are beyond stunning. Barr said:

“The thing that’s interesting about this is that this was handled at a very senior level of these departments. It wasn’t handled in the ordinary way that investigations or counterintelligence activities are conducted. It was sort of an ad hoc, small group — and most of these people are no longer with the FBI or the CIA or the other agencies involved.”

The following article puts a very dangerous spin on this. I do not know the source of this information and whether any of this is documented. If true, this is far more of a bombshell than anyone realizes:


They worked exclusively for two groups of “customers,” officials said. The first was Obama and fewer than 14 senior officials in government. The second was a team of operations specialists at the CIA, NSA and FBI who took direction from the task force on where to aim their subsequent efforts to collect more intelligence on Russia.

At first only four senior officials were involved: Brennan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and then-FBI Director James Comey..

When the closed Cabinet sessions on Russia began in the White House Situation Room in August, the video feed from the main room was cut off during the meetings.

The compartmentalization may help to explain why it was only Brennan’s CIA, Comey’s FBI and the NSA that penned the January 6, 2017 U.S. Intelligence Community report alleging Russian interference in the presidential race. Numerous news media reports originally falsely claimed the report was authored by all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies.

These meetings were allegedly held in the White House Situation Room beginning in August 2016. That would have been during the heat of the 2016 Presidential election. If there is no credible evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia now, there could not have been credible evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia then. When you combine this with apparently cutting the video feed for these meetings, alarm bells go off big time. One reason for cutting the video would be to cover-up who was in that meeting.

One will recall that Nixon was removed from office because conversations that took place in the White House were recorded. That begs the question whether situation room conversations are recorded. If they are, then those records are probably secured and William Barr, John Durham and Michael Horowitz already have access to them. If there were recordings and they were destroyed or are missing, that would be a huge problem. If there were no records of these meetings, and there should have been recordings, that would also be a problem.

Omarosa claims she has recordings of conversations with John Kelly in the White House Situation room. She allegedly recorded them on her cell phone. If that is true, it was a major breach in security. It also begs the question regarding who else recorded White House Situation room meetings.

This would sure explain why both Brennan and Clapper are crapping their pants in public. It would also explain why Comey, Clapper and Brennan are all pointing fingers at each other.

We do not know if this is accurate, but it has the ugly odor of truth. This is at least believable and it would fill in a lot of gaps. The fact that Barr said this involved a very small group of people and this was not the normal procedure is significant and totally consistent. He also said that the answers he was getting were not adding up. He has described this as unprecedented on several occasions.

This definitely falls into the category of a story too good (bad) to be true. A lot of people would really like to believe that Obama was capable of this. That does not mean this actually happened. But something happened, Barr is on it, and that alone greatly increases the potential for this story being accurate. At a minimum, nothing Barr has said even hints that this is not true.

We are now at the point where documents are being declassified on a daily basis. There are promises of more to come. Trump threw Pelosi and Schumer out of his office today and said he wouldn’t even pretend to negotiate with them if they continue this constant investigation nonsense. Always remember that Trump knows things you do not know. While Trump is routinely accused of acting impulsively, in reality he rarely does that. Even his “outrageous” tweets are usually designed to push people’s buttons and they are in fact brilliant. That means this decision to publicly announce that he wasn’t even going to pretend to negotiate with Pelosi and Schumer was probably a carefully crafted position. At a minimum, Trump believes this is the politically correct move to make at this point in time. The questions is whether there may be additional motivation that will soon become obvious. One thing is certain, Nancy Pelosi looked pretty panicked after this meeting.


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