Robert Mueller was Acting U.S. Attorney in Boston during a time when some FBI agents crossed way over the line into illegality. The following article explains this:

It is impossible to know how much of this is accurate, but it is true that Mueller was there some of the time this was happening. We also know that John Durham, the man recently appointed by Barr to investigate the origins of the Russia investigation is the one who put those rouge Boston FBI agents in jail. He was appointed by U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts Donald Stern.

One thing is certain, John Durham has a history of exposing corruption. There is speculation that two people, Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissman were involved in the Boston scandal, but Durham was not authorized to prosecute them.

Barr’s Investigator John Durham Once Probed Mueller in a Shocking Case

But this raised an interesting question in my mind. Were Mueller and Weissman part of the problem or part of the solution? In the case of the corrupt FBI agents in Boston, someone on the inside had to have provided Durham with access to critical documents. Someone alerted U.S. Attorney Donald Stern of the problem. It sure looks like someone with inside information was providing guidance. While it is easy to assume that Durham didn’t prosecute either of these men because he was not authorized, perhaps he didn’t prosecute them because they were critical insiders helping him break through the cover-up.

Now fast forward to 2017. Mueller and Weissman are once again heavily involved. Imagine if both of them were once again insiders helping to expose corruption, just like they did in Boston. Few people would have the courage and the skill to pull this off. Imagine they pretended to go along with those who were corrupt while in reality they were documenting their illegal activities.

History teaches us that nothing is more deadly than a criminal organization infiltrated by an undercover agent. It is difficult, if not impossible, to take down such organizations without someone on the inside. In many situations the undercover agent even has to break the law themselves in order to gain the necessary trust of the those involved. Being a double agent is difficult and dangerous duty and it is by definition messy. At a minimum a double agent becomes aware of illegal activity and must wait until the right moment before acting.

Few criminal organizations in our history would be more dangerous that FBI agents working with the mob in Boston. Infiltrating such an organization would be beyond dangerous. The only thing more dangerous would be infiltrating FBI agents coordinating with top officials in the CIA and other intelligence agencies in order to overthrow a U.S. President. The only way such people could survive would be to totally convince those involved that they were on their side and they could be trusted. Those willing to overthrow a U.S. President would not hesitate to kill anyone they thought was in their way. It would take some very special people willing and able to do such hazardous work with incredibly dangerous people.

Now fast forward to one of those texts by Peter Strzok. He hesitated to join the Mueller investigation because he did not believe it would be willing to help take out Trump:

Peter Strzok on Mueller investigation: ‘my gut sense…there’s no big there there’

Strzok wrote: “You and I both know the odds are nothing. If I thought it was likely, I’d be there no question. I hesitate in part because of my gut sense and concern that there’s no big there there.”

Someone convinced Strzok to change his mind. Who recruited Strzok for the Special Counsel investigation? Andrew Weissman, the same person who worked with Mueller in Boston. Who did Weissman recruit? By all accounts everyone involved was highly biased against Trump. Why would he do this? Is Weissman stupid? If the Mueller investigation had found evidence against Trump the patent bias by the Special Counsel team would have seriously jeopardized the credibility of the findings. It would have been far wiser to include some Republicans and conservatives to avoid that exact problem. Weissman and Mueller are a lot of things but no one accuses them of being stupid.

Are you still sure about Mueller and Weisman? Those people who conspired against the President of the United States were definitely sure and they may pay a very high price for that assumption. Again, just a question. Are these men part of the problem or a big part of the solution?

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