There are easy ways to determine who has the facts in any situation and who does not. Lawyers are trained to do the following to defend their clients. If you have the facts, pound the facts. If you do not have the facts, pound the opponent. If you cannot pound the facts or the opponent, just pound. The louder the pounding, the more desperate the lawyer. Smart lawyers add an important step. If you are going to lose, don’t turn down a great deal.

We are now at the point where the lawyers defending those who conspired to overthrow the President of the United States have resorted to pounding. Smart lawyers are also telling clients to void being the last one to make a deal. We saw a case study in this with the recent college admissions scandal. Some of the participants were offered a plea deal which required a guilty plea but reduced the potential for a lengthy incarceration. The ones represented by smart lawyers took the deal. They will get minimum prison time and may even have the potential for rehabilitation at some point in the future. But others rejected the plea deal and decided to fight. They were quickly hit with a withdrawal of the plea deal and additional more serious charges. Now the prospect for serious prison time is all too real.

This involves something relatively minor, rich people bribing their kids into top colleges. That has been going on for a long time, but not necessarily crossing the line into illegality. For example a wealthy parent may donate $50,000 to the College Trust fund about a month before their child’s application arrives. The people who run these colleges are not stupid, so the odds of that application getting approved skyrockets. The result is while the college admissions scandal is disgusting; it is not exactly a big surprise.

However this time we are talking about illegal surveillance of a Presidential campaign and potentially a plot to overthrow the President of the United States. That is a very serious matter and if the facts prove that this happened, this will be one of the major stories of our lifetime. Few will bother pretending that these actions were acceptable because we don’t like the way Donald Trump combs his hair or his addiction to spray tans. These actions are never acceptable and with the exception of the new class of naïve and inexperienced Democratic members of congress and the News Anchors at CNN, this will be beyond obvious. If there are convictions, the penalty will be extreme. It does not get any worse than this.

We are also at the point where those in jeopardy will start to turn on each other. John Brennan and Tom Clapper are blaming James Comey for using the Russian Dossier to obtain a FISA warrant. Neither of them continues to argue that this was a good idea. By the way, it appears as though Comey has e-mails he sent to his staff saying this it was John Brennan who wanted this.

Based on the personalities involved it looks like we are headed toward a world class circular firing squad. Since all of these people sure appear to be guilty, to at least some extent, any finger pointing at someone else will have at least three pointing back at them. Either way it is an admission that they knew this was happening, they knew it was wrong, and they did nothing to stop it. So we are at the point where a lot of people in positions of responsibility are left arguing they were only stupid and oblivious but necessarily necessarily acting with criminal intent. Good luck with that.

Many of you have believed that the day of reckoning was never coming. It just seemed like some people always get away with everything and are never held accountable. It is absolutely true that the MSM is incredibly biased in their reporting on this. If these allegations were being made about conservatives or Republicans the MSM would be on suicide watch. Imagine if someone did this to Obama? But everything in this world moves in cycles and this is no exception. The good times never last forever and neither does the bad times. The least likely outcome is permanent continuation of the status quo.

We recently watched a show on the history channel about John Rockefeller. He made a fortune selling kerosene which was used to light houses and street lights all over the country. When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, Rockefeller panicked. He fought back and tried to paint electricity as hopelessly dangerous. He failed, but then he learned that the gasoline he had been throwing away was actually worth something. The market for kerosene did basically disappear, but gasoline has not been all that bad. Like I said, everything moves in cycles. Enjoy the ride and expect quite a show.


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