It is increasingly clear that top officials in the DOJ and the FBI, in collusion with top Democrats including members of the Obama administration conspired to remove a duly elected President of the United States from office. While the cost to Donald Trump and his administration has been significant the real cost may unfortunately be to national security. It is increasingly clear that the situation with Iran is moving in a direction that could result in a very costly military conflict. This is a time when Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi should be singing God Bless America, linked arm in arm with our President in a show of unity. Instead they are second guessing President Trump with regard to deployment of military resources and troop levels. It is sending the worst possible signal to Iran and North Korea.

This is the kind of situation that sadly may result in one of our enemies making a serious mistake. That has happened before. Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait because he did not believe George H.W. Bush would have the courage to stop him. Remember that Democrats were not exactly supportive of Bush, until it became obvious that the military operation was a huge success. Then they developed amnesia and pretended they had supported him all along. He had support from our allies all over the world, but limited support from Democrats in congress. This time the stakes are much higher. Hopefully neither North Korea nor Iran has the ability to attack us with a nuclear weapon, yet, but the risk of a full sale war is all too real. There are reports that Saudi Arabia shut down its pipelines after a drone attack.

William Barr appointed John Durham to investigate the decision to even start the Russia investigation. Since Barr has already been discussing this with the CIA, the DNI and the FBI, odds are Durham wasn’t appointed to investigate; he was selected to build a case for prosecution. This appointment only makes sense if Barr and others already believe there is evidence of a crime.

This investigation may move at the speed of light. A lot of the information is already documented with testimony, under oath, before congress. In addition there are a lot of e-mails that speak to motive. All of the recent news developments are devastating for Democrats. None of them appear to present any problem for Donald Trump.

There is also increasing evidence of a systemic cover-up. Just recently the FBI said they “lost” notes regarding a serious meeting on whether or not Hillary’s private e-mail server was hacked by a foreign entity. In addition Roger Stone has filed a legal motion demanding proof that Russia actually hacked the DNC servers. It is not entirely clear that the FBI has such forensic evidence.

The people now involved are not lightweights like Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell and Jerry Nadler. These are serious people with a reputation for putting people behind bars. The difference will soon be obvious to everyone, including the clowns at CNN.


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