Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Nadler are right that there is a constitutional crisis in effect. They should know they are the ones who caused it. With the decision by Jerry Nadler to hold Attorney General Barr in contempt of congress and to literally threaten to have the Sergeant at Arms arrest him is a bridge too far.  Incredibly this happened during the same week they dismissed the contempt of congress charges against Eric Holder, that was voted on in 2012.

If this continues, it will go to the Supreme Court sooner rather than later. There the result is beyond predictable. The Supreme Court, even the liberals on the Supreme Court, are not going to get involved in a pissing contest between congress and the administration. In this case the DOJ has actually made reasonable accommodations which are ignored by congress which wants things that are patently ridiculous and in some cases illegal. Yes, congress has a right to oversight, but they don’t have a right to obstruct.

When you combine this with the very real potential that this will happen simultaneously with criminal indictments of DOJ and FBI officials along with high ranking intelligence officials and members of the state department, Nadler and Pelosi are engaged in the ultimate fool’s errand. They are certain to lose, they will be lucky if they don’t get smacked down in the process.

One thing all members of the Supreme Court have in common is that they are all lawyers. Even when they disagree, they never disagree with regard to the rule of law. In this case Attorney General William Barr is a highly respected lawyer and the law and the facts are totally on his side. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t even have a law degree and Jerry Nadler got his law degree going to school part time while serving as a member of congress. No one on the Supreme Court is going to be impressed with their legal credentials.

What could push this complete over the edge is if Iran starts attacking us. No one, in either political party, will tolerate that. They will unite behind President Trump and demand he take action to stop this and to punish those responsible. That is so obvious that after Chris Matthews wet his pants on National TV pretending there is no crisis; NBC News ran a report showing that there is a very real problem. Americans disagree on a lot of things, but putting up with people who attack us is not on the list.

We will soon know. Either Nadler or Pelosi are absolutely as stupid as they appear, or they know something we don’t know. Based on the past performance of both of these individuals, I wouldn’t bet on that. In addition, with so many people desperate to destroy Trump it is hard to imagine some secret bombshell information hiding out there. If there was a real story out there, we would not be confronted with all the fake stuff.

There is a constitutional crisis and the sooner we recognize that and deal with it, the better. What Democrats and their fawning supporters in the MSM are doing to Donald Trump is beyond despicable, it is downright dangerous. There is a reason our founding fathers gave such enormous power to a President. There is also a reason they did not give this power to congress. The Supreme Court knows that. They do not want any part of this, but if congress forces their hand they will not have a choice.


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