One of the reasons Democrats are shrieking at Attorney General Barr is that he is on to them and they know it. During his testimony he announced that the FBI is investigating things that were ignored or suppressed while Jeff Sessions was Attorney General. This investigation is not being directed by the anti-Trump society. It is being investigated by people only interested in facts and evidence and criminal activity. This is how people act when they are more interested in getting a criminal conviction than they are in getting favorable publicity.

We are also getting a better picture of Rod Rosenstein.

As Deputy Assistant Attorney General, with Jess Sessions recused, Rosenstein ran the DOJ and he supervised the Mueller Investigation. Odds are a lot of people assumed, incorrectly, that he was supportive of their activities or at least willing to cover up for them. It is increasingly clear that he was not.

There are some very important things to understand about Rosenstein. He worked in the United States Office of the Independent Counsel under Ken Starr. He was co-counsel in the trial of the three defendants who were convicted of fraud. He also supervised the investigation that did not recommend criminal prosecution for White House Officials who had obtained FBI background reports.

He was appointed to be U.S. Attorney by George W. Bush and latter nominated to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit by George W. Bush. That nomination was blocked by Democratic Senators Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin. He, like a lot of other U.S. Attorneys resigned when Trump took office, but Trump not only declined his resignation, he nominated him to be Deputy Attorney General.

Only a fool would assume under these circumstances that he is anti-Republican or anti-Trump. I went back and re-read the appointment of Bob Mueller and the following line reads very differently today than it did in May of 2017.

“My decision is not a finding that crimes have been committed or that any prosecution is warranted. I have made no such determination. What I have determined is that based upon the unique circumstances, the public interest requires me to place this investigation under the authority of a person who “EXERCISES A DEGREE OF INDEPENDENCE FROM THE NORMAL CHAIN OF COMMAND.

Rosenstein had already written approval of the decision to fire James Comey. He had to know about the extreme bias at the DOJ and the FBI and he certainly knew that Andrew McCabe was on a mission to destroy the President. When he said he is removing the investigation from the normal chain of command, he is talking about Andrew McCabe. It seems possible, if not probable, that Rosenstein was primarily interested in stopping the people in the FBI and DOJ on a mission to destroy Donald Trump. One thing is sure, he did the only thing possible that would stop Democrats in congress on their rush to impeachment.  If nothing else, he bought Trump valuable time.

There is more. While Mueller was in charge of the investigation, members of the FBI were briefed on a regular basis. The conservative treehouse has done excellent research on this. While I do not always agree with the conclusions of “Sundance” he always provides actual copies of documents which are very informative.

A couple of things are clear. One is that Comey was writing in his own journal to justify things that were at best questionable. My assumption is that if no justification was necessary, he wouldn’t have bothered. This is pretty strong evidence that Comey knew he was on thin legal grounds here. Instead of exonerating Comey it is actually strong evidence of intent.

We also know there were leaks from the Special Counsel investigation and while not always accurate they were always damaging to Trump. The area where I disagree with the author is his assumption that everyone was part of the same plot. I suspect at least some people were instead working to preserve evidence to ultimately facilitate removing obviously corrupt people still entrenched in the FBI and the DOJ. There are always at least some honest people who are appalled by those who ignore the law.

The most important step in cleaning up the swamp is enemy identification. It is quite possible that both Christopher Wray and Rod Rosenstein set up the ultimate sting operation to do exactly what. What better way to expose these people than to let them think their activities were in total secrecy, never exposed to day light. Better yet, let them document it themselves under the false assumption that the leaders of the DOJ and the FBI had their back. Whether intended or not, ALL of their actions are now documented and there is a new Attorney General who is conducting a very real investigation. Thanks to the excellent documentation, he has a lot of facts.Instead of a trail of bread crumbs leading to impeachment, there is a trail of real documents leading to criminal indictments.

Time will tell, but as always facts are stubborn things. No matter what you hear or read in the news, both by the MSM and Fox News, opinions are irrelevant, but facts are not. More and more facts are starting to surface. None of them even hint at a problem for Donald Trump. A lot of them should cause people like Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Andrew McCabe and others to start doing research on federal prison alternatives, like the country club where Michael Cohen is currently residing. Even more important, others are realizing that it is make a deal time and he who cooperates last pays the highest price. A lot of arrogant self-righteous people in both the FBI and the DOJ are likely to find careers at the FBI and the DOJ ending in similar fashion to Andrew McCabe. Thanks, but no thanks and forget about that lovely pension. Those will be the lucky ones.


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