If you watched William Barr testify today, you observed the perfect example of people operating in parallel universes. Republicans focused on the facts as did Barr. Democrats focused primarily on destroying Barr’s credibility. They know that if they do not destroy Barr, the Mueller investigation is over.

The reality is that Democrats are preaching to a shrinking liberal choir joined by people like Judge Napolitano who has become a joke as a legal analyst for Fox News. Here is a classic example of this. During the congressional hearing in April, Charlie Crist, D-Fla asked Barr whether he knew what prompted media reports that Mueller’s prosecutors were frustrated with his initial summary of the Special Counsel’s findings. Barr said he did not.

We now know that Mueller did have some complaints about the 4 page summary, but that really wasn’t the question. Mueller is famous for not talking to the press. The question is whether Barr knew what prompted media reports. Barr said, correctly, that he didn’t know the source of the media reports.  They didn’t ask him if Mueller had expressed any concerns. He reminded people that Mueller did not say that Barr was wrong in his analysis, he just didn’t like the way it was handled. Then he reminded people that he is the Attorney General and Robert Mueller reports to him. Democrats do not like that, but it is a fact. It is about time an Attorney General acted like an Attorney General.

The bottom line is that Democrats never laid a glove on Barr, although the media will pretend the opposite. The Mueller report is over. Barr responded to Richard Blumenthal D-CT with the following:

“We have to stop using the criminal justice process as a political weapon,”

Before long it will be Democrats who will be squirming to answer difficult questions. The difference will be that Barr has actual evidence of crimes and he won’t try and prosecute people in the media, he will indict them in criminal courts. We are about to see the biggest back lash in American history.

It was amazing to see so many lightweight performances by Democrats on the Judicial Committee. None of them are in the same class as William Barr and it showed. Many of them resorted to snarky showboating. Those who tried to get in a legal spar with William Barr were publicly shredded. Of course most of them are too incompetent to realize they are incompetent.

The media will pretend that Barr is in trouble. He is not. But he is also with being distracted by this. He is a serious man, asking serious questions. Those who underestimate this man do so at their peril.

Not one single Democrat on that committee showed appropriate respect for William Barr or his position as Attorney General. This is a sad day in America. Democrats respect for the rule of law and the constitution has degenerated below the point of no return. If further proof was ever required, this is a reminder of why the modern Democratic Party can never be trusted with political power. Frankly any Democrat watching this shameless display should be dismayed and embarrassed. There was a time when at least some high level Democrats were occasionally able to put the country above partisan politics. Those days are long gone. Now they are too blinded by hatred of Donald Trump to see anything else.

Rosenstein wrote that there were credible allegations of employee misconduct at the DOJ and the FBI. He is describing an obvious attempt at an illegal coup of a duly elected President. Yet not one Democrat seems have any concern about the significance of that, they are too disappointed that it failed.


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