There was a major decision by the California Supreme Court on Friday April 19th, 2019 that will change everything. The decision was to issue a stay for the case “The people of the State of California v. David Robert Daleiden and Sandra Susan Merritt. “ This couple was charged with fifteen felony counts by Attorney General Xavier Becerra for anti-eavesdropping and conspiracy. The stay was to grant the defendants the opportunity to have an evidentiary hearing to prove that the charges against them were politically biased. The couple had videotaped Planned ParentHood employees for allegedly arranging to sell body parts from aborted fetuses. The original lawsuit was filed by Kamala Harris who chose to file criminal charges against these whistle blowers rather investigate the real criminals at Planned ParentHood. What makes this case so dangerous is that this is beyond obvious.

On April 1, the Supreme Court refused to consider a lower court decision by a federal judge and, gasp, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals regarding this case. At the time, Planned Parenthood thought they had won a great victory. Instead this case is more properly being handled under California law since they are being prosecuted under California law.

All seven California Supreme Court justices will look at this case.

One reason this really matters is that for the first time in a long time it is the prosecutors under scrutiny. This is a truly disgusting case where vile and inhuman criminal allegations that should shock the conscience of everyone against Planned ParentHood were totally ignored while prosecutors punished those who dared reveal the truth. It is like having someone film the Holocaust and have a prosecutor charge them with invading Hitler’s privacy. The very last thing the liberal left needs is full disclosure on what is going on here.

This could also greatly impact the real result of the Mueller investigation. The same question applies there. Why did the Obama administration choose to ignore blatant crimes by Hillary Clinton and direct evidence of collusion with Russia regarding the sale of our uranium and then choose to try and “find” some crime to pin on Donald Trump? The answer, as in the Planned ParentHood case is selective prosecution based on political bias. If the California Supreme Court hears this case and rules that this was selective prosecution, it will stun the political world. Kamala Harris’s rapidly fading Presidential Campaign will come to a sudden and crashing halt.

It will do more than that. It will give full legal voice to the obvious. The real question is not what Mueller found, but rather why he was authorized to investigate a President of the United States with zero evidence in the first place. For years the liberal left has used selective prosecution to punish opponents. That error (era) may be over. Nothing should frighten the liberal left more than a return to common sense and attention to the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States. That is one reason they fought so hard to prevent someone like Justice Kavanaugh being on the Supreme Court. If selective prosecution and bias is removed from our legal system it will deliver a devastating blow to the self-righteous, arrogant liberal left. This could be a bigger deal than you can even imagine.


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