Rep. John Ratcliffe R-Texas is a former federal prosecutor and one of the few people who has seen the Mueller report, without the redactions,  He has also seen the unredacted testimonies of all the people who started the Russian Investigation. He was U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas and had over 100 federal prosecutors and support staff reporting to him. This is a very serious individual.

This is not someone who casually drops uninformed opinions, particularly about other people. Yet he said that Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell were not being truthful when they said they had evidence of collusion. The Mueller report proved that such evidence did not and does not exist. He also said that Donald Trump was telling the truth when he said that Jim Clapper and John Brennan were accusing him of treason. He said the response to the Mueller report by the liberal left is borderline absurd.

Perhaps he said it best in the following:

RATCLIFFE: The bottom line is that Bob Mueller, a guy who charged anyone with everything along the way — people were charged with everything short of spitting on the sidewalk — where he could charge, he did charge.

In this case, Bob Mueller didn’t charge because he could not charge. He could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was any criminal conduct, whether it was collusion-related or obstruction-related or anything related.

Then Ratcliff dropped a real bombshell, totally unnoticed by the MSM.

I — as you know, Maria, I have had the opportunity to see the underlying documents, to see the FISA applications in unredacted form. As a former federal prosecutor, I had concerns that there may not be probable cause there, and that some of the evidence that would be exculpatory to the Trump campaign wasn’t presented.

Those concerns have not gone away. I would expect that Bill Barr has those same concerns. And I would expect him to take appropriate action. Again, these are questions that Bill Barr can answer, hopefully will answer in two weeks when he’s on Capitol Hill.

When a former U.S. attorney says he had seen the FISA applications, unredacted and they lack probably cause and omitted exculpatory evidence that is a huge problem.

Many people are justifiably frustrated by the response to the Mueller report. These people seem to never learn. They are doubling down in the theatre of the absurd. At times like this it is important to pay more attention to people who are actually qualified to have an opinion. John Ratcliffe is one such person.

Ultimately the opinion of those who are either hopelessly biased or merely incompetent does not and will not matter. The cold hard fact is that Democrats don’t even have the votes to start impeachment hearings in the House. They don’t have close to enough votes in the Senate to convict. That means all of this noise coming from the liberal left is just that, noise. It is designed to distract and annoy. It is also designed to deceive the true KoolAid drinkers into continuing to dream the dream. It is destined to failure.

In the meantime, the really serious people, like William Barr are on it. These are the kind of people who focus on putting people behind bars; not on putting themselves on page one. These are the people who matter and we will soon hear from a lot of them.


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